Mayday Mayday Incoming Informer!

posted by on 30th April 2007, at 10:04pm

Mayday mayday this is the Informer calling Port O’ RSBandB, “Mayday mayday. Overloaded with May’s articles requesting secure drop point!” Port O’ RSBandB, please proceed to drop-point

Anyways now that are mayday call is over lets get to the task at hand…

We’ve got the full selection of articles this month ranging from the experience of installing Windows Vista from Panda200x. Continuing the tech theme from Matthew we have, Apps of The Week, Tech Questions, Thought on Runescape 1: Gaming. Bluebrisingr has created an article recommending another MMORPG if you have retired from Runescape or are simply looking for something new. Sev has pooled the community once again to answer a selection of questions. Southrend has created an article about protecting inexperienced Runescape players including a look at the ditch that was dug this month. We also have the articles on Olaf’s Quest and Another Slice of H.A.M. Finally Alex has done his usual monthly Manya’s Mayhem and a few other interesting articles. Finally we’re proud to present Runescape Funny 10 by Karl 67 and Alex 43. Karl has also taken the liberty of creating a few Runescape related comics for your enjoyment.

In the department of Signature of The Month we are proud to present Landspeeder with his second win! He won with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

We’d like to remind you that this Sunday is RSBandB’s official Amazing Race. The event takes place on May 6. Please be sure to check with the person you want to partner up with before posting their name.

The April Skill of The Month has ended and the results are in. Mike has won this one with a grand total of 2,891,337 xp.

Here is your trophy:

Click here to see the final results.

In a closing note I’ve adjusted the RSS feed to show ALL of the past 30 articles that have been published.

As always keep your eyes open for new and improved things around RSBandB 😉

Shane, Brad, and The Informer Crew!

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