Easter Event 2007

posted by on 30th April 2007, at 10:05pm

Yet another Easter has passed, with yet another Easter event in Runescape. Instead of hypnotized bunnies like last year, Jagex has put yet another new twist on Easter.

The event is located at the same place as last year – southwest of Falador near the Crafting Guild. As usual, you talk with the Easter Bunny, who for some strange reason has failed to deliver the Easter eggs again, giving you the task for the event.


You find out that the Easter Bunny asked Diango to make some enchanted chocolate rabbits, but for whatever reason, Diango messed up badly and delivered enchanted chocolate Kebbits (frog-like animals) instead, and now they’re running loose. The Easter Bunny asks you to collect ten Kebbits and smash them into chocolate pieces.

After climbing down a hole nearby to start the event, you’re back in the usual underground tunnels. Snatch up ten Kebbits quickly, but watch out as they can be a little slippery and sometimes evade your grasp, so a bit of energy is put into running around to catch a Kebbit.


After you’ve gotten ten Kebbits, you go to the other side of the tunnels and deposit them in a chute. Depositing all ten reveals a room where you must destroy the Kebbits into chocolate pieces by bowling. The Kebbits are running around in a little square area as the “pins”, surrounded by four “bowling” ramps.


In order to smash them, you must get some year-old Easter eggs and roll them down a ramp. Any Kebbit that comes in contact with the path of the rolling egg immediately gets destroyed into chocolate pieces. You can then run into the square area with the Kebbits and pick up your chocolate pieces.


After you get ten chocolate Kebbit pieces, you report back to the Easter Bunny who gives you your reward: chicken shoes and legs, which are two parts of a four-piece chicken suit. Talk to the Easter Bunny more, and it will reveal the second task of the event. It has lost its rabbit mold in a farmer’s patch, and thus you must retrieve it. The Easter Bunny gives you an egg which will turn you into a rabbit (like last year). When you go back into the tunnel, there is a small rabbit hole. Eat the egg in front of that, and you’re on to the second task of the event.

You enter a room full of holes. Each of the holes leads above-ground to a hole in a farmer’s patch. You must figure out which hole leads to the hole in the center of the patch which contains the rabbit mold. However, if you stay above-ground in the patch too long, the farmer will give you a nice whacking with his shovel, stunning you for a few seconds.



After you get the mold through some hopping around, you go back to the Easter Bunny, who will reward you with the final two pieces of the chicken suit: a head and body piece. With that, you’ve completed the 2007 Runescape Easter Event.


My Thoughts

I personally think this event could have been a little better. The second part of the event (finding out which hole led to the rabbit mold) kept me entertained for a few minutes, but the first part bored the dear life out of me. Gathering kebbits was rather annoying (especially when they slipped away), and the bowling wasn’t very unique either. It would have been better if you could choose the speed/direction of the egg like in some of those bowling games. That would have made it a lot better than just having the egg roll in a straight line. As for the reward, it seemed rather corny. I doubt a lot of people kept the chicken suit, because it didn’t look too great and was just a waste of bank space (to me at least). It wasn’t nearly as interesting as the ring or the rubber chicken from previous years. While I wasn’t expecting much more, the event definitely could have been improved greatly.

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