March Updates Bring April’s Informer

posted by on 31st March 2007, at 9:24pm

Salut mes amis! This month we’ve got quite a selection for you. Ranging from a guide on how to get onto the road to the wizardry of computers, to a very informative list of the common scams for those who haven’t heard of them before. Our writers have also written about the Runescape updates of March: Burgh de Rott Ramble, The Great Brain Robbery, The Monthly Graphical Update, Fishing Trawler Update, and the latest quest “What Lies Below?” We also have the usual ‘Manya’s Mayhem’, Runescape questions, and tech questions.

Expect to see some new staff coming on next month. Brad and I are just starting the interview process for those who have been successful thus far in the application process. These new writers have an impressive amount of Runescape knowledge, so they will be assigned to cover any and all new P2P Runescape updates.

Finally this month we have an impressive 10 new stat signatures on RSBANDB that were designed by Mushroom Queen. March also saw the unraveling of a major April Fool’s prank (early by one week). Basically, what happened was that a good majority of the moderators resigned. Do not fear, they are all back now!

Mikau Nero has claimed their first SOTM win with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

See you all again at the end of April.
Shane, Brad, and The Informer Crew

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