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posted by on 28th February 2007, at 6:45pm

Have you retired from Runescape? Are you absolutely sick and tired of the nooby updates (or no updates if you’re free-to-play)? Do you just want to move on, get over Runescape, and play something else? Well, this section of the newspaper will hopefully provide you with some starting information to a new, good game to get addicted to besides Runescape. Introducing, Recommended MMORPG!

This month’s MMORPG is a rather popular one:


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-Price: FREE
-Size: 503.84 MB
-Company: GPotato
-DirectX 9.0 Needed
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Game Info

Gameplay – The gameplay in Flyff isn’t hard to get used to. There is still plenty of mouse usage such as in Runescape, but like most other MMORPG’s, Flyff uses hotkeys. However, there aren’t many keys to remember, and you’ll quickly memorize which key does what.

Classes – There is a simple class system involved in Flyff. Until you reach level 15, you are known simply as a Vagrant. At level 15, you can become one of four classes: Mercenary, Assist, Magician, or Acrobat. At level 60, you will undergo a second class change, making your character even stronger. Each class has unique skills that they are able to learn.
Flyff First Classes
A Mercenary is one of the more popular classes. As a Mercenary, it’s all about strength and stamina (to hit harder and to hit faster). Mercenaries are usually the first people to rush into battle. Weapons that a Mercenary uses are a sword and an axe, with a shield for defense (or not if you’re using a 2H sword). At level 60, you can become either a Blade or a Knight. A Knight is more attack and defense, while a Blade is like the ninja version of a Mercenary with high dexterity and strength.
Mercenary Second Classes
An Assist is one of the most important classes, and they do simply what their name says – assist other characters. Assists cast what are called buffs, which increase your fighting powers (max hit, attack speed, hp, walking speed, etc), while using their fists to fight. At level 60, you can become either a Billposter or a Ringmaster. A Billposter no longer casts buffs, but uses magic to cast powerful spells, while a Ringmaster continues casting buffs and healing spells.
Assist Second Classes
A Magician is (obviously) the offensive magic-casting class. Increasing your Intelligence is key when becoming a Magician. While magicians can deal some of the most hp-draining attacks, their defense and hp brings them down. At level 60, you can become either a Psykeeper or an Elemental. Psykeepers are buffers that cast weakening buffs, while Elementals continue with attacking magic. Elementals are the most powerful class in the offensive area, but their defense is even worse than that of a Magician.
Magician Second Classes
The last class is an Acrobat, which is the ranging class in Flyff. Acrobats excel in speed and accuracy with long-distance weapons. At level 60, you can become either a Jester or a Ranger. Jesters are an interesting class that use a yo-yo as their main weapon, while Rangers continue with their bow skills.
The Land – The land of Flyff consists of three main islands: Flaris (where you start out), Saint Morning (for levels 20-50), and Darkon (for levels 50+). Darkon is actually so big that it is split into three parts. There is also another island called Death Island that you can explore if you wish to. To travel to other islands, you can either buy a Blinkwing (a teleportation device) from the magic shop or fly there.

Quests – Just like any other MMORPG, there are many quests involved in Flyff. There are three main types of quests in Flyff: ones that you get from the Quest Office (usually one every few levels), General quests that you need a specific level to do (this includes class transfer classes), and Chain quests, which are quests that pertain to the storyline in Flyff and usually take a longer time to complete.

Flying – This is the unique part about Flyff: taking to the air on a board or a broom. At level 20, you gain the ability to fly, and you can buy either a hover board or a broom from town. There’s no real difference between a board and a broom except for the look. Flying allows you to get to places much faster than you would by running (which, believe me, gets so boring after awhile). Monsters on the ground cannot attack you when you fly, but there are monsters in the sky that will attack you or vice versa. As your flying level increases, you will gain access to faster and better looking brooms/boards.
Parties/Guilds – Parties are small groups of people in game who may team up in order to fight a powerful monster or just to help each other level. In a Party, experience is shared as well as items (there are options for both of these). There are also special Party Skills that you can use in order to make fighting easier amongst the Party members. A guild is a much larger group of players. You may start a guild of your own at level 40 after completing the required quest. You can easily identify if someone is in a guild if they are wearing a cape. If you are in a guild, you will get a guild cape, which is the only cape available in the game (I’m pretty sure). Guilds may also start a war against other guilds. If your guild wins, it will gain experience, increasing your guild level.

”PKing”/Player versus Player (PvP) – Never fear, pking isn’t gone from Flyff. However, the space where you can PK is much more confined (the arena south of the town on Saint Morning). You can PK one on one, or you may also start a Party PK.
Monsters – The levels of monsters on Flyff range from 1 to 107. There are also special monsters that you need to kill for quests, which are all rather high-leveled. Monsters are scattered across the land, so you won’t need to search far in order to find one to kill. Occasionally, a boss monster will appear. A boss monster is a much larger, more powerful monster than its fellow kin (for instance, a level one Aibatt has a level five boss), and should never be underestimated.
Player Fighting Monster

Flyff is an amazing game with so much to do all for free. There’s always something to do for high-leveled players, so you don’t need to worry about that. GPotato, the company that produced Flyff, is also a producer of many other popular free MMORPG’s. If you start Flyff and like it, be sure to check out their other games. So, like I said before, if you’re absolutely tired of Runescape and you want to bang your head on the wall whenever you login, Flyff is the answer for you.

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