It’s Time to be Informed About March

posted by on 28th February 2007, at 6:46pm

Welcome to RSBANDBInformer! This month, as always, we have some interesting, informative and humorous articles for your reading pleasure. The topics for this issue range from; The new German beta launch, as well as the various other Runescape update news, and if you are growing a little tired of Runescape, we have an article recomending a new MMORPG, the tech side this month consists of “A Week Of Linux”, a diary of Masterofthevortex’s challenge to himself, to only use Ubuntu Linux for a week, he has also submitted a second article, in which he answers your tech questions, and as ever we have another thrilling installment of “Manya’s Mayhem”.

This month has also been rather eventful in more ways than one, and through various ways we have lost several members of our newspaper staff, and thus will be opening applications very shortly, we are however forced to impose a requirement for any potential writers, you must play the members version of Runescape, as the mainstay of our articles regards the new updates in the Runescape world. So if you have members and are interested in writing for us, Watch this space!

The winner of this months SOTM is Slimpuu, who has now, amazingly won it for the third consecutive month, so congratulations to him.

Here is the winning sig:

And your trophy:


Brad, Shane & The Informer Crew.

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