Tarn’s Lair

posted by on 31st January 2007, at 11:34pm

Long before you ever entered the Haunted Mine, Tarn Razorlor came to the place in search for the powerful Salve Crystal. However he couldn’t get to it because of Treus Dayth. So he decided to hide himself in the mine and send his undead minions to kill Treus Dayth. They didn’t succeed but then you showed up. Since you defeated Treus Dayth and got your own piece of Salve Crystal, Tarn was able to do the same. And now he claims the mine for himself and his undead minions!

To enter Tarn’s Lair you need to have completed the Haunted Mine Quest. Go up to the second entrance and enter it. That’s not the stairs but the one on the end of the mine cart track Take the first road to the north and you’ll find yourself in front of the entrance.

Once entered you enter a multicombat zone and here it gets dangerous. There are lots of monsters in this place and there are lots of traps. There are only 5 types of traps but there isn’t a room without one. You got floor spikes, Wall spikes, Pit traps, Log traps and Pushing wall traps. Most of these traps are easy to disable. Floor spikes (hits 8) and wall spikes (hits 6) can be disabled by searching them. Pit traps are avoided by not stepping on them (really it does help). You can identify them by a huge split in a big stone. The pushing wall traps are the easiest of them all. If you come close to them they will push rocks out of the wall. When they rocks go back into the wall run quickly past them. Lastly you got the Log traps. When you jump over pillars these nasty traps will knock you to the floor below you. They hit a massive 10 but are easily disabled by finding the switch before you jump. The switch is always 1 of the green and round stones on the floor you can search.

Besides the traps there are the monsters in this lair. They’ve been killed once and are waiting for you to get killed again. You will most likely meet a lot of skeletons and zombies down there. Watch out when you run away from them because you easily step into a dozen of traps. If you go deeper and deeper into the dungeon you will reach two skeleton mages. They try to curse you until it succeeds and than they cast Earth Blast so protect from magic is strongly advised when approaching them.

Once you reach to Tarn himself he will summon the huge dog statues next to him alive and he will transform himself in something huge. Though he’s gigantic, he’s only level 69. That doesn’t take away that it might give a hard battle since he can summon more monsters. Prayer is useless here as it gets drained really quickly. Only melee gets used in this battle and Tarn got 2 forms. Once they’re both dead and the other monsters left over are slayed too, you can enter the last passage in this temple. Inside you’ll find a nice room and a diary on the table. The diary holds the story of Tarn. He also enchanted his diary with a spell that can enhance your salve’s crystal. After you enchant the Salve amulet it will give a 20% bonus when fighting the undead.

The diary itself is a huge source of possibilities. It clearly states that Tarn has the opportunity to summon all kinds of monsters. Also that this temple may hold a huge ancient treasury. The only possible huge ancient treasury I can think of is blood crafting. After all, the temple is located nearly directly under Burgh de Roth. Only time will tell what mysteries this temple holds!

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