Deep Freeze February

posted by on 31st January 2007, at 11:33pm

Hey all,

Welcome to issue 8 of RSBANDBInformer! Before I introduce the articles for this month we have a few new writers with us and they are: Anubis, Bluebrisingr, Bib User, and MasterOfTheVortex. We welcome you guys to the RSBANDBInformer! crew. Anubis will be covering various digital art topics in his articles each month. Bluebrisingr and Bib User will be covering general Runescape writing and Runescape updates. Finally, MasterOfTheVortex has come on as another tech writer.

We have a wide selection of articles this month ranging from Ubuntu Linux to the basics of a signature, to a practical guide for everyday fitness with a Runescape twist. A survey regarding noobs, choobs, and froobs and a look at the latest interface changes from Bluebrisingr. We also have the usual Runescape update coverage, Manya’s mayhem, and the tech news review for January.

Slimppu has claimed his second consecutive signature of the month win! He won with this signature:

Here is your trophy:


Some of you may be wondering why it’s called ‘Deep Freeze February’, February is considered one of the coldest months in places such as Canada and the northern United States.

Shane, Brad, and The Informer Crew

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