A New Year!

posted by on 31st December 2006, at 7:03pm

Welcome to a brand new year of RSBANDBInformer! As we open up the new year we have articles on the three Runescape updates this month. Southrend wrote on the new treasure trails, GameFreak wrote on the strange Animal Magnetism quest, finally, Alex wrote on the Christmas update. We also have another installment of Manyas Meyhem! Alex also took it upon himself to do a review of the Runescape rules. Last but not least we have a tech article titled “Pocket Productivity” by Panda200x. I’ll be back next month with a look at a search engine testing ground that Google has silently created.

In the mean time here is the Signature of The Month Winner, Slimppu:


Congrats on the win, here is your trophy:


Also stay tuned to the RSBANDBInformer! forum for the opportunity to join the team. Applications will be opened later today or early tomorrow.
Shane & The Informer Staff

Happy New Year!!

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