December means Informer 6

posted by on 30th November 2006, at 10:44pm

We open up the month of holidays with a brand new issue of RSBANDBInformer!

This month we have articles on the Enlightened Journey quest, the Eagles Peak quest, the HUNTER skill, the next issue of Manyas Meyhem, Anti-bordem part 2, the Runescape translation guide, the economy report and finally two tech articles featuring installing OS X on your standard PC (no we don’t tell you where to get it so it’s still legal), and finally a tech news roundup for the month of November. I’d also like to extend a very happy welcome to Panda200x who is our second tech writer, he wrote the article this month on installing OS X on your PC.
With the update of the hunter skill we have added the Hunter calculator and signatures to rsbandb.

This months Sig of the Month Winner is Landspeeder with this entry:


Here is your trophy:


Thanks to everyone who got articles in! Have a safe and happy holiday season! We’ll see you at the end of the month.

Shane & The Informer Staff.

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