Player-Owned House Costume Room

posted by on 31st October 2006, at 4:12pm

For the very first time the newest skill construction gets a major update. It’s interesting to tell that they hadn’t planned this specific room to be added when they designed the skill. No, the costume room was suggested by players whose banks were filled with random events costumes. So the suggestion became to be a special wardrobe added in the bedroom where we can store the random event costumes. However, Jagex gave us much more room to store hardly used items in our house. They even made an entire room for it!

So what can we store into this room? Well it’s a big list of items, and it will definitely safe us a lot of room in our bank:

  • Treasure trail reward costumes
  • Random event reward costumes
  • Mini-game reward costumes
  • Quest reward costumes
  • Recent holiday event rewards
  • The new Capes of Achievement!

So with 42 construction you’re able to empty your bank without losing the items. However please keep in mind that the update is getting more and more useful if you got a higher construction lvl. For example: if you want to build all the items in this room you will need a construction lvl of 52. If you want to build the best items so that you can store everything you need a construction lvl of 96. (You don’t need to build the lvl 99 Magical Cape Rack to store all capes. You can also store all your capes with the lvl 90 Marble Cape Rack.)

So is the costume room the perfect update? Well it’s at least better then we expected but I think there can be more done in this room. There are a couple of things I don’t like in this room.

Store Complete Costumes
You’re able to store costumes only if you’ve the complete set. So if you miss just 1 piece you will not be able to store it. It would be far better if we’re able to store single pieces instead of full sets. There needs to be some things changed for that but it shouldn’t be hard. Take for example the treasure trail chest. If you’ve stored full saradomin in it you’ll see it highlighted. If you click it you get the full set in your inventory. However what I suggest is that we get a submenu with the options to withdraw all, the helm, platebody, platelegs and the kiteshield. For the magic wardrobe, Armour case and costume box it shouldn’t be limited to x-number of sets but to x-number of pieces. So instead the costume box should hold two sets of costumes, it should hold around 8-10 pieces (enough for 2 sets or even more if you do only really small sets).

Show off:
So we build a house, to impress our friends. We build a costume room, to store all the treasure you gained. And then? You can’t show your friends what treasure you got? It would be great to show your friends what treasure you got but you don’t want to withdraw every costume in the room just to put it on. But that is resolved to allow people to look into your chests and wardrobes. But they can only see what treasure you got. Not how it looks. Therefore, it would be even better to let them even take out and wear them. Of course it should be protected so that they can’t even take them out of the room. For the rest it should be the first to get into that room has a chance to wear temporarily the best items the house owner has.

Secure your valuables
This problem is found by me. I discovered it and I told Jagex about it. They said they will fix it but it may take a while. The problem is that your treasury is not safe in the costume room. If you got a bank pin it will make sure that hackers can’t get into your bank that easy. You will also get the pin for getting into building mode since a hacker can do a lot of damage to your house in building mode. However getting into normal mode isn’t requiring a pin. Meaning that everyone that hacks your account has access to your costume room and thereby access to your treasure stored there. This problem is easily fixed by putting a pin on any of the chests/wardrobes/boxes. You can’t put it upon entering your house since I use my home teleport sometimes as an escape.

As I said it isn’t perfect. They made a couple of mistakes. Some of them are already fixed though.

Adamanite(g) into Rune(g)

The dream of every alchemist. Turning adamanite into runite. And it was possible with the treasure trail box. Anyone who stored their adamanite(g) would have the change from adamnite into runite. Just as any bug this one got abused and people were turning adamanite into runite. Jagex came with a quick and simple fix. Turn every Rune(g) into Adamanite(g). Sounds unfair? I don’t think so. First of all there are only 1.000 people who can build the box to store and (important) withdraw the runite(g). So if you were one of those bug-abusers without being one of those 1000, you wouldn’t get rich. That is because you need the best box to withdraw the lvl 3 treasure trail items. Besides that you’re not able to remove your current box because there’s still armor in it. And how many of those 1000 people had actually a set of rune(g) armor? In my opinion this wasn’t a bad solution.

Multiple Random Event Costume Pieces.
You used to have only 1 piece of every Random Event Costume. (Except the prince outfit and frog mask). However after storing my full zombie in the chest I got a Leo the Gravedigger event. So I thought “yay, another 500 gold pieces for at least a minute of work”. And when I finished the event I was surprised to receive pieces of a zombie costume. So that means he doesn’t check if you have the set stored in your costume room, what obvious an error is.

Do not think I’m against this construction update or that I think it’s bad because of all the things I miss and such. The room is great and better than what I expected in the first place. I’m happy to know that Jagex listened to the people who suggested this room. Keep up these good updates Jagex!

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