October == Informer #4

posted by on 1st September 2006, at 12:47am

Hello everyone,

It’s October now, this is the time of the year which brings cooler weather in the northern polar regions, changing colours of leaves, and Halloween. In this months issue we have a description and commentary on all of the Runescape Updates from September. We also have a fresh economy report from Bogrollbloke. This month also brings a new column from Crysala featuring rants and comments on those. We also have the return of Manyas Meyhem, featuring the vivid description of a guard picking his nose in Falador. From TheMothAssasin we have evidence that Jagex does take into consideration the needs of higher level players. Last but not least I have written up a parts list and a basic description of how to build your own gaming computer in this months tech section.

Once again this month Bogrollbloke has won Signature of The Month With This Entry:

Congrats on the win!
With that said, enjoy!


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