The Eyes of Glouphrie

posted by on 31st August 2006, at 2:02am

WARNING: This article contains spoilers of the new quest “The Eyes of Glouphrie”. Read it when you don’t care to read spoilers.

It was yet another quiet day at the Grand Tree. Since Aluft Jr. it has been a bit busier at the gnomes but still everything was still peaceful now that Glough’s plan to destroy the Grand Tree has failed. Brimstail however is the only person who can’t sit still so he explored his caves. So he walks around the only corner in his cave and discovers a strange machine, build by the greatest engineer of the Gnomes, and a Crystal bowl. So Brimstail can’t believe what he just saw. A complete room filled with mysterious objects 20 metres besides his bed. (I personally think they could have made the quest harder at this point and more believable. If you just needed an certain agility level to reach the cave with the machine it would have been better).

So Brimstail needs help to find out what those strange objects are and what they do. In the time you learn more about the machine you also learn about the old days, where gnomes had a war with the brain-dead goblins.

The cut-scenes in this quest were good as always. Just as like the story which was good. was good. I’m not 100% sure but the cloaked gnome that sabotaged the machine looked a lot like Glough. And if it is Glough I’m almost sure that we can expect a large quest coming up. Probably a quest with a lot of monkeys, pets of Glough and a perhaps a might mage army.

The reward for this quest was good. Too bad Jagex made a small mistake by saying that you only got one Quest point while you got two. But the rest of the reward was fine. The mage experience was maybe even a bit too high. But who will complain about that? Last thing I want to mention of the reward is the crystal saw you get. With its +3 construction it’s an incredibly good item, useful for many, many house owners. Has Jagex finally finished Player Owned Houses? Read my next article to find it out.

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