It’s September…

posted by on 31st August 2006, at 1:59am

Hello once again dear readers and welcome to the third issue of RSBANDBInformer! This month we have a great selection of articles for you. Everyone once again worked to get their article out on time.

Some highlights include an interview with the #1 Crafter on Runescape, a look at customizable home pages, an interview with the moth assasin, and Manya’s views on Magic. We also have a look at this months updates as usual.

I’d also like to highlight that we are still looking for someone to fill in on the economics front permanently. If you’d be interested in this job send your application to rsbandbinformer[at]gmail[dot]com. Be sure to put in the subject line economics application. Merchanting experience would be a plus.

September is going to be a great month for rsbandb, RSBANDBInformer! and everyone in general. Although it is the month in which the school routine begins again for most of us we always find a way to get through it. Last but not least we have the sig of the month for August:

This signature was created by Bogrollbloke, congrats on the win!


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