Is Player Owned Houses finally complete?

posted by on 31st August 2006, at 2:01am

NOTE: This article is made up by me. I do not know any of Jagex plans nor do they know mine. There is a big chance that none of this will happen.

After waiting for so many months, Jagex finally released Player Owned Houses 2 months ago. This month the first quest in which you needed a certain construction level is needed was released. Is Player Owned Houses now finally complete?

Well the answer is simply no. And I don’t mean that construction is incomplete because there will be many more quests but they just didn’t make (yet) what they promised us. Jagex wrote in the behind-the-scenes of March 31, 2004: “Player owned houses – Each player will be able to have their own unique house. Use the new carpentry skill to make new/rare things for your house.” So far they all did this. They renamed the skill because there was more involved than just Carpentry. But now we read further: “Using the farming skill to grow herbs and plants in the grounds of your house. Build your own private party areas and shop areas, and more!”

I haven’t seen that yet. And I think it would be really good if they would add it into the game. From now on I will tell you my views on this and how they should implement this into Construction skill.

Your own place to farm.
You will learn to make a normal and formal garden. Besides these there should be at level 30 a Farming garden. There you would be able to build 2 patches of your own choice. The higher the level is the better the patches can be. You should be able to build a compost bin, a tool rack to store your gardening tools. Finally some extra features as a sort of sprinkler-system that will keep watering your plants.

Build you own private party area.
This one is tricky I think and should be there for the really dedicated and special people. I would place the private party area at level 80 construction so it would be the last room you learn to build. To celebrate you can build every other room. I really can’t think of what you should build in this room besides a podium where you can hire a band or something in that way. Just like those dancing white knights you can hire at Party Pete.

Build your own shop area.
This would be the best addition of your own house. A small house (not an extra room you can build in your house) where you can build your own store. I think this would be the hardest room to add into construction because of the incredible large amount of data Jagex needs to keep. My idea is as following. You have your own room with a shop assistant in it (you will need to hire him because other wise you won’t be able to sell or buy your goods). Now you’re able to sell up to five different items for a price you can choose. You got to store those items into barrels and you should be able to get those items back if you change your mind. You can also save five barrels where you can choose what items, how many of them and for what price you want to buy them. When you’re posting on the forums that you buy or sell an item, you can say together with that message, that it can be sold/bought at your own shop. They would go to your shop and see an interface (but smaller) familiar to the general store shop. With ghost items for items you want to buy (you see the item but there are 0 in stock). The other items you want to sell would just be visible just as any other store you can find in Runescape.

That’s what they promised to make and now all we got to do is wait before they release it to us.

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