Welcome To Informer Issue 2!

posted by on 30th July 2006, at 5:24pm

The paper is now in it’s 2nd month, and we are pleased to have once again managed to get all of our tasks completed and this issue out on time, credit to the writers and other staff without them this wouldn’t be possible.

This month we have articles on the new Trouble Brewing minigame, the latest thieving mini game in “Pyramid Plunder” and all the information and opinion on the latest quest “Lunar Diplomacy” with all the information on the new spell book and spells. We also have interviews with a level 3 player moderator with over 1300 skill total! and an informal chat with a player who has achieved the notable level of 99 mining. Tech this month is an informative article on Opera, written by our very own Shane12088.

We’ve also introduced a brand new feature this month, SOTM (sig of the month) this comprises of the last 4 SOTW winners. Their 4 sigs are put on a public vote and the winner is crowned Sig Of The Month. Congratulations to Mushir for winning our first ever SOTM with this effort, that one with 44% of the votes, Congratulations!

Thanks for reading and enjoy this months issue.

Brad & The RSBANDBInformer! Staff.

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