Interview with Zzzamorak of Peacefull

posted by on 30th July 2006, at 5:26pm

This month weÒ€ℒve got an interview with Zzzamorak who is a skill pure in Runescape. He runs the Peacefull clan and is a player moderator.

Shane: How long have you been playing Runescape?
Zzzamorak: Just over 2 years now, I started in june 2004
Shane: Ah, I see. So after Rs-2 came out.
Zzzamorak: yes
Zzzamorak: or I would have 9 hp πŸ™‚
Shane: Have you had any other accounts on Runescape?
Zzzamorak: Yes, I have lots of accounts, all fun accounts in some way or another.
Shane: ah ok.
Shane: I take it you want to keep these secret πŸ˜‰
Zzzamorak: I got a defence pure, a pure quester, an attempt at a very low level legend, and some others πŸ˜›
Zzzamorak: yea I keep those secret
Shane: yea. That’s perfectly fine with us.
Shane: What gave you the idea to make Zzzamorak?
Zzzamorak: Hm, I just started mining and smithing, and figured it would be fun to just keep on doing that without training combat at all.
Shane: Ah.
Shane: What was the inspiration for your name?
Zzzamorak: Hehe, Zamorak. I thought it would be ironic to be named after the god of wildy on a non combat account πŸ˜›
Shane: yea that is kinda ironic.
Shane: So anyways, what was your first 99 skill?
Zzzamorak: Fletching, I got it around Christmas 2004
Shane: Ah.
Shane: Yea Fletching is good, I like that one too.
Zzzamorak: me too πŸ™‚
Shane: What is your least favourite skill?
Zzzamorak: That has to be runecrafting. It used to be mining, because of all the clicking, but when granite came out I found a way to mine while watching movies so I didn’t get bored to death. Still haven’t found a way to not get bored runecrafting though πŸ™
Shane: Hmm yea I see.
Shane: Also Runecrafting can be expensive, with that pure essence update not so long ago
Zzzamorak: I think I bought enough for 99 before that update πŸ˜›
Shane: ohh that’s good πŸ™‚
Shane: So what is your most favourite skill?
Zzzamorak: Probably herblore, I like to mix potions πŸ™‚
Shane: Yep Herblore is a good skill.
Shane: What would you say is your best way of making money on Runescape?
Zzzamorak: My way of making money is by playing smart. I spent a couple of years studying economics, and itÒ€ℒs amazing how much of it can be applied to Runescape. I find ways to train skills that give me the best exp and income compared to the amount of time I spend.
Shane: Yea it’s really interesting how the real life economic laws come into play in Runescape.
Shane: But if you had to pick one skill for money making what would it be?
Zzzamorak: Currently I’m smelting iron for cash, sounds silly but it’s quite good actually
Shane: Ah ok.
Shane: What are some short/long term goals that you have on Runescape?
Zzzamorak: Very short term goal is 50 slayer. I’m having a party in 1 hour lol
Shane: Ah, that must be interesting to get when you don’t want to fight anything that will raise a combat stat.
Shane: So I assume Rubber chicken and rings of recoil?
Zzzamorak: yea, rubber chicken, recoil rings and some wine πŸ™‚
Zzzamorak: Long term I’m going for 99 smithing, just by smelting iron. Also IÒ€ℒm trying to get a few more skills to 90, and possibly crafting and thieving to 99
Shane: Excellent goals.
Shane: So tell me about Peacefull, how did that start?
Zzzamorak: Me and pinkfusion thought it would be nice to have a place just for skill pures, so we started Clan Peacefull. Pink knew some nice people at rsbandb ;), who allowed us to set up a forum on their servers.
Zzzamorak: Then we just ran around contacting every skill pure we knew about .
Shane: Ah
Shane: yea the rsbandb server πŸ˜‰
Zzzamorak: yup πŸ™‚
Shane: Any short or long term goals for peacefull?
Zzzamorak: I guess a goal is to get more of the skill pures we know about to join. We got a lot of them already, but one more is always nice πŸ™‚
Shane: yep.
Zzzamorak: other than that itÒ€ℒs just continue to be a place where skill pures can discuss how to play as a low level, develop our guides on quests and so on.
Shane: One final question for you, do you have any advice for people out there who want to start a skill pure?
Zzzamorak: Hm, don’t drop trade is actually a very good advice. Besides the fact that it’s not allowed, training a pure skiller from scratch gives you a sense of achievement that people who just drop things from a main don’t get.
Shane: right.
Shane: What would the best skill be for a new skill-pure off of tutorial island be to start training?
Zzzamorak: Hm, woodcutting or fishing is good for making cash right away or maybe run some essence just to make enough cash for that rune axe πŸ™‚
Shane: Alrighty.
Shane: Thanks for your time πŸ™‚
Shane: Been a pleasure
Zzzamorak: Likewise πŸ™‚

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  • wilds noob Says:
    12th June 2008, at 3:35pm

    hay im a sorta skilla pure i got a few 99’s and i got 70 pray i am only lv 13 but my goal is 4 99 fish atm i got 93 just letting u kno pm me in gme

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 12:43am

    I got an pure skiller, has 64 wodocutting, 60 mining, and 59 firemaking

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 12:47am

    zzzamorak, How much money do you have and what are your skills in runescape? And do you like the new graphics in runescape and the new pvp updates, its cool except that the prices of weapons and armour now cost high like for example, Rune scimitar is 35k and rune 2h sword is 60k

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 12:48am

    salam, lol πŸ˜›

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 12:49am

    zzzamorak you rule πŸ™‚

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 1:13am

    I would rather mine clay and then go to edgville bank and make soft clay out of bucket full of water and mine about 5000 clay and make them soft and sell them for good money-=100k and then start woodcutting regular logs at grand exchange and sell them for pure profit, then at 20 woodcutting, cut oaks and sell them at grand exchnage then do fishing at draynor village, Watch out for the wizards when walking back to bank; Now fish about 5000 shrimps and go to lumbridge and do the “cook’s assistant” quest and start cooking your shrimps and sell them at grand exchnage.
    Now go to varrock east mining camp and mine copper untill 20 mining, Remember to bank you ore’s and then mine tin ore-mine 500 copper, 200 tin’s, then you should have 24 mining but don’t buy a mithril pickaxe, Just go to lumbridge or al-kahrid if you clear prince ali rescue and then smith your copper and tin ore’s into bronze bars- you may sell them or make them into bronze items for smithing exp :P, Now this is enough money, You should make about 421k πŸ™‚
    Now with those money your going to make 1m in no time! Only like in 1 day!!! How? Easy, Just go to the grand exchange and buy 1k cowhides and go to al-kahrid elis tannery shop and let elis tan your cowhides for a low price, And then sell back your tanned cowhides for highest price and you now got-478k! πŸ˜› I kepp doing this untill you get 1m and then…..You may keep doing it or make 60 woodcutting and start cutting yews- It may be slow but who cares Its fast at 65 woodcutting and besides it’s good money :P, Remember to cut at lumbridge and use bank at draynor village-just watch out for guards, And then once 65 woodcutting cut at varrock, East or behind Varrock palace- I recommend you to cut East becuase it’s less crowded and behind varrock palace it always get full of people.
    Hope you guys enjoy my guide

    -Nice skill 1

  • zzzamorak Says:
    5th November 2008, at 1:14am

    Nice skill 1
    Pretty good guide but when cutting yews i recommend falador πŸ˜›

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 1:49am

    Ok zamorak

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 1:54am

    salam-means peace, πŸ˜›

  • zzzanorak Says:
    5th November 2008, at 1:54am

    Oh, Ok

  • zzzanorak Says:
    5th November 2008, at 1:56am

    fuck am gay dsakljdkljaskljdlakjdklajkldjlkdjljkdljasld jkl; asdf as fj dk dsl as; ;a;f

  • nice skill 1 Says:
    5th November 2008, at 1:58am

    Omg Zzzmorak, Your the 1st skiller i ever seen with almost all 99 money making skills! I like you

  • 0mg saywhatz Says:
    12th August 2009, at 11:47am

    Hey zzzamorak your cool

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