Interview With Level 99 Miner

posted by on 30th July 2006, at 5:24pm

By Creepy

* note* For privacy issues the person being interviewed will be known as honman, this is not his RS name it’s purly there to stop people trying to contact him.

Creepy: Hello there Honman :}

Honman: Hello Creepy ^^

Creepy: So what made you want to get 99 mining? Why

mining over anything else?

Honman: Mm.. I’ve always wanted to get 99 mining

since I got level 85. I made the (last) decision to get 99
when I was at at 89 and that was actually the third time I
made this decision ^^ I wanted to get it simply because I
wanted a 99 skill and I’ve always liked mining (I know it’s

Creepy: Okay, freak, is that the only skill you ever

wanted to get to 99?

Honman: No =) I’m working on 99 smithing as we


Honman: but I wanted that to be the first 99 skill


Creepy: Using the ore you collected from mining? :}

Honman: You know me better than that Creepy ;;p As

you know, i hardly ever banks anything

Creepy: (i know that, you know that, they don’t,

explain ;))

Honman: (I know that you know that I know that you
know ;;p)

Even though I planned to work on 99 smithing before I
started working on 99 mining, I have only banked about 600
addy bars + 200 addy ores, ~300 mith ores and 700 silver
since level 89 ^^ Most of my friends know that I don’t
bank anything.. I did it because I wanted the fastest xp

Creepy: So how long did it take you to get 99


Honman: Mm.. That’s an interesting question… I

started about 3 and a half months ago (I don’t have the
exact date with me at the moment as the message center is
down). I was going at a rate of 500k XP a week in the
first few weeks.. However, uni got busier since then and I
virtually stopped for 3 weeks because of exams. I did most
of the mining in the week after the exams ^^

Creepy: At one point you was getting 100k mining exp

a day, wasn’t you?

Honman: My record was ~650k XP a day =)

Creepy: that’s crazy lol

Honman: In retrospect… I think so too ;;p

Creepy: So is 85 mining worth it? Profitable at all?

To much of a bother trying to find someone to buy? To many

Honman: 85 mining is quite profitable as you can

get, on average, around 500k per hour. I myself do not
consider myself as a runite miner as I haven’t done it (for
profit) for over 2 years. I just don’t like it myself as I
find it boring and tedious… Finding buyers isn’t too
much of a problem.. So if you love the wildy and are
familiar with it, runite mining should be quite fun.

Honman: (bad grammar) — > I do not consider myself

as a runite miner*

Creepy: RIGHT

Creepy: now then

Creepy: next question

Creepy: Any tips for power training mining?

Honman: Hehe clicking.. As I’ve said on the official forums a few times,

it’s all about being able to drop ores quickly… I myself
drop 8 ores in 3 seconds on average ^^

Creepy: No spots that are better than others? No

secret pickaxe that gets five ores at once?

Creepy: ..That’s disapointing

Honman: Hehehehe, the south west corner of the quarry


Creepy: details, details, what quarry?

Honman: As for the secret pickaxe… No unfortunately

not 😛 We should push Jagex to have a dragon pickaxe ^^

Creepy: Don’t you think it’ll be like the dragon axe

and not affect hitting rate?

Honman: Yes ;;p … Mm.. I’m actually not too fussed

about rare items, just so you know, I have been living in
poverty since I’ve started runescape – contrary to common
believes that runite miners are rich ^^

Creepy: Yeah, it’s not as easy as it looks, i didn’t

think it was worth it myself

Honman: Hehehehe, you were complaining about me going

for 99 all the time ;;p Also with the rather sarcastic
engouragements.. but they worked and I got it in the end ^^
So the conclusion is, you should get friends like creepy
who sarcasticaly encourage you to do 99 mining ;;p

Creepy: I still don’t see why you’d do it, 99 is just

rather pointless and mining is such a tedious skill to

Honman: It is.. Let just say I’m poor and for mining

all I need is a pickaxe and *some* determination and
patience ;;p

Naaw =) I’ve always loved the rocks, that’s why I did it

Creepy: You love rocks? Any in perticuler? Any i

should stay away from? o.0

Honman: No, not any in particular ;;p They’re all

lovely too

Creepy: *note to self, don’t mine again* Honman: lol! Mm, mining is good for you ;;p

Creepy: okay well, thank you Mr Honman (;)) that’s

all i guess

Honman: Mmkay ^^

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