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posted by on 30th June 2006, at 4:33pm

This paper has been in development and planning for a long time, probably since December ’05. It is our hope that you will enjoy the monthly newspaper and show it to your friends. We plan to offer articles on a varity of subjects including Runescape news, Rsbandb news, Interviews with your community members, and a tech section. This paper would not have come together without the help from the people who have signed up to help with it.

On this website you can access all articles this month by clicking under the “This Month” heading to your left. Then below that we have all the archives of the current year listed. You can view articles by certain categories by clicking up top on the names. We also have the about page which gives more info on the paper and gives some help for using the rss feed. We also have the current staff members listed on the staff page. Last but not least you can change the colour of the website by selecting one of the colour schemes to the left under the “Appearance” header.

Anyways this month we have articles on all three Runescape updates this month, why smithing is a forgotten skill, an interesting article based on what makes a good Runescape suggestion, how to keep yourself safe online, and an interview with Mike and myself about rsbandb and how it all began.

You can discuss this issue in this forum topic.
The paper will be released on a monthly cycle, by the 1st of each month.
We hope that you will enjoy this paper!

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