Runescape Bits & Bytes in June

posted by on 30th June 2006, at 11:19pm

June was a busy and hectic month for all Runescape Bits & Bytes staff. We have been working hard on new content and moderating the forums. As we all know at the begining of June we were greeted with the arrival of the Construction skill on Runescape. This meant that the first few days of the month were really busy. We were the first website to have stat signatures, goal signatures, and the construction calculator ready. Look for more great content coming in July!

At most times the forums are a great place to relax and chat with friends. However some people lately have been being rude to some members, this is not in the spirit of how the forums should be. As a result we are cracking down flaming, flame baiting, and rudeness. If you see someone being rude please use the report system and report the post. Do not post on a topic if someone is being rude. Anyone caught being rude or flaming will recieve an official warning. I’d like to remind you that at 4 warnings the punishment is a week temporary ban and at 5 it is a permanent ban. We don’t like banning people but it has to be done sometimes.
As a friendly reminder you can see the rules here.

We are not trying to scare anyone away, but it must stop.

On a lighter note Sunday July 2 is the Official Castle Wars event. The hosts of this event are Nate and Poison333.

World 132
3pm EST
More info can be found on the event page.

With that said I hope to see you there 🙂

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