Interview with Mike & Shane

posted by on 30th June 2006, at 10:42pm

Brad: What gave you the insperation to first start a Runescape fan site?

Mike: Well actually, I didn’t think it would go anywhere, I didn’t think we should…. I made runescape calculators
and a signature for personal use, and shane suggested we start a site to display them for other people to use

Shane: Yea that’s pretty much how it worked.

Shane: I also think that we thought we’d just try it out to see if it caught on then continue if it did

Shane: and of course, it did

Mike: We were first site with rs2 calcs although no one knew about our site

Shane: Yea, I’m pretty sure some of our early members got banned from other sites advertising it.

Brad: Heh, So how did you come up with the name “Rsbandb”?

Shane: The idea is something that I thought of when I was on a field trip to a computer centre in the city.

Shane: They had something called The Bits and Bytes Cafe

Shane: this was in late May.

Mike: and i couldn’t think of anything better for a name… so i’m like sure…. although I couldn’t say
I liked the name that much, I still didn’t think site would get anywhere because there was lots of other
fan sites for runescape already

Brad: So, how did you both first find out about Runescape?

Shane: Mike

Mike: I found out about it from some friends at school who played it when I was in the 8th grade

Shane: mm yea, that was almost 5 years ago then?

Mike: yea back in December 2001 i started playing

Shane: I have no clue when I started playing

Shane: but I know it wasn’t full time until 2 years ago when i got members

Mike:it was a couple years later i think? i didn’t even know you liked the game when you signed up for members

Shane: Yea lol

Shane: that really was a curveball of mine

Brad: What are your long term/short termgoals on Runescape and Rsbandb?

Shane: Well I’d like to see it to continue to grow while maintaining the inviting environment. One of my personal goals for this summer on rsbandb is to get the RSBANDBInformer!and RSBANDBUpdate! sites running functionally.

Shane: I also have a nifty little project involving images planned that I don’t want to say much about at this time

Mike says: I’m gonna try and get an updated version of the calcs out, guides and dbs system done, and
get rsbandb highscores finished

Shane: That is lots to do.

Shane: Lots in planning there so it’s kinda hard for us to get them out quicker because ideas are written
in mike’s head so it’s kinda hard to transfer them to mine without an implant.

Shane: He’s been mainly working on those ones.

Mike: Well the thing is I started on all those projects already, they are all over half done…
you could finish one I guess but I want to get them done

Brad: Yea, so any goals in Runescape, short term/ long term?

Mike: My goal is to get all skills above 80, already have all above 70 except construction. This is obviously a long term goal, not something i’ll be finished by end of year

Shane: My goals seem to change week to week depending on what I feel.

Shane: I know one day I want 91 runecrafting, so I guess you can call that a long term goal.

Shane: But then to accomplisht that you need to kinda get a higher combat

Shane: combat and slayer bore me

Shane: I can only go for a week without stopping

Shane: And a short term one, I am currently 37k away from 70 smithing.

Brad: Ok, so how do you keep Rsbandb running smoothly?

Shane: Feed it cookies!

Shane: No, just make sure that all the scripts run fine and the server doesn’t overload

Shane: and if a bug is found

Shane: fix it

Mike: Lately we have been having lots of trouble with the server, too many people are overloading it with requests,
and it could use another upgrade which we don’t have the cash for

Mike: and there are lots of behind the scenes thing that happen like sig updating that can cause problems sometimes

Shane: and were by no means linux, sql, or php engineers.

Shane: Yea one tiny thing gets changed and goalsigs don’t update, so if something seems like it’s not working let us know!

Brad: What are your favourite things to do on Runescape?

Mike: I like to train combat, but I get bored of stuff easily so I switch what I’m training often

Mike says: thats one reason why I have a goal of all skills 80+

Shane: I’d say my favourite thing would probably be fletching

Shane: it seems that it’s the only thing I can do for a long time

Brad: What are some of your interests besdies Runescape & Rsbandb?

Mike: Well I like playing video games a lot, I guess I’m quite a nerd lol

Shane: Yea we are. It’s not everyday you find two people who talk about calculus stuff like Integrals
and who play games and do computer stuff.

Shane: We play Half Life 2, that’s a good game.

Brad: Time for some quick questions.

Brad: What is your:

Brad: Favourite food?

Shane: Spicy things.

Mike: nice juicy steak

Mike: medium mmm

Shane: Medium Well for me

Brad: Favourite Tv Shows?

Mike: I can’t say I watch very much tv

Shane: Star Trek (all pretty much incl. movies), 24, The Apprentice, Deal or No Deal, Mythbusters.

Mike: oh yea, mythbusters is a good show, star trek is bad though

Brad: yes

Shane: No

Brad: Favourite Music/Bands?

Shane: None really.

Shane: No rap

Mike: I like rock music, some of the bands I have been listening to a lot lately:
the offspring, metallica, and system of a down

Brad: Favourite Colour?

Mike: green

Shane: Green

(spooky, they both said it at pretty much the exact same time =O)

Shane: All shades of green except teal and oliveBrad: Favourite sports/teams?

Mike: I don’t watch much sports hockey is my favorite to watch though

Shane: Yea same not really any sports.

Shane: The playoffs were interesting

Shane: I’ll pull for any canadian team except montreal

Shane: Private reason for that

Brad: Thank you both for taking part in this interview.

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