Informer Staff


Real Name: Patrick
Rsbandb forum name: King Kulla
Runescape Name (optional): King Kulla
Age (optional): 20
Gender (optional): Male
Location (optional - country would be ok, more if you want): British Columbia, Canada
Short Biography: Currently I'm going to college, but I have no idea what I want to end up being as of yet...I've been interested in a wide variety of things in my lifetime, anywhere from music, games, hockey, and I always love to talk about my interests with others, so this is a great way to do it! Hopefully I can help people through the Informer.
Favourite Rs Skill: Combat

Real Name/Forum Name: Shane
Runescape Name: Shane12088
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Short Biography: Co-owner of all RSBandB Properties, likes Star Trek, Amazing Race, 24, anything with a chip in it excluding coffee makers. Currently finishing up my CS degree.
Favourite Rs Skill: Farming :D :D


Real Name/Forum Name: Reid/Earth
Runescape Name: Earth271072
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: My chair
Short Biography: I am a rock. A rather large rock named Earth.
Favourite RS Skill: Well, I have 99 Farming, so you'd think that would be my favorite skill. It's honestly a lesson to myself. That lesson is "Don't say dumb things." I don't think I really have a favorite skill.


Real Name: Alex
Rsbandb forum name: Alex 43

Runescape Name (optional): Alex 43

Age (optional): Time is indeed optional.

Gender (optional): What? I don't need a gender? Sweeet ...

Location (optional - country would be ok, more if you want): Canada.

Short Biography: Hoping to enter the field of programming, Alex trains himself with several different programming languages, including C#, Java, Visual Basic, and his favorite: Actionscript. Despite what it sounds like, he has no interest in becoming a hacker. However, the skill and know-how is not something he doesn't mind learning for moral reasons ...
He enjoys Runescape as a fun pass-time. He has no interest in trying to get all skills level 99. He welcomes any and all quests with open arms, and his favorite Runescape pass-time is level 3 clue scrolls. Don't mess with his clue scrolls.

Favorite Rs Skill: Construction.

Real Name: Colton
Rsbandb forum name: Col ton
Runescape Name (optional): Col ton
Age (optional): 19
Gender (optional): Male
Location (optional - country would be ok, more if you want): Purdue University (IN)
Short Biography: Hi! I'm Colton, currently enrolled at Purdue University as a Food Science student and looking to go into winemaking. I'm a quester and lorehound in RS and ever so slowly working toward levels, while enjoying the ride.
Favourite Rs Skill: Currently, Woodcutting and Mining.

Real Name: Richard
Rsbandb forum name: Tanishalfelf
Runescape Name (optional): Tanishalfelf
Age (optional):34
Gender (optional): male
Location (optional - country would be ok, more if you want): State of Indiana U.S.A.
Short Biography: I've been playing rs since about 07-08. I'm married and have a 18 month old daughter. Graduated from Purdue University with degrees in history and political science. I'm visually impaired and actually started playing rs because it was accessible to me and feel in love with it. Outside of runescape I like to play a little guitar and I'm a homebrewer.
Favourite Rs Skill: Construction and magic