Alex’s Analysis – You Are It

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New quest. Yeah.

Normally, I would warn against spoilers, having had completed the quest and wanting to talk about my experience with it.

This time, though, I… no. I really don’t want to talk about the quest content. It is fantastic. It’s a quest with little to no initial hype; one that you have no idea what you’re getting into. Who’s it about? What are you going to learn about them? All of that came out of nowhere, and that’s what made the experience so powerful!

I want to maintain that. I want you to figure out this quest for yourself. Therefore, I’m going to try to talk about this quest with as few giveaways as possible. Rather than discussing the content, I’m going to talk about the flow of the quest, and what makes it such a good one, even though it is incredibly simple.

Actually, it is because it’s simple that it’s so good. The quest uses a base mechanic that is familiar, and yet so different from the norm. A little bit of everything, rolled into one, somewhat unpredictable form. It’s like taking a final exam after having studied a full course. And I mean, actually studying it for hours each night. You actually got this. It’s glorifying.

I also love how this quest deviates from the original formula. The quest is advertised about saving yourself, and it really is that simple. You really are trying to prevent your own death by completing the quest. Every character you interact with is aware of your oncoming demise, and either fears for your future or promises to enjoy every moment of your doom. It adds to that discomforting immersion seeing a friendly familiar face look at you like that.

But what’s funny, and I hope I don’t spoil too much with this, is that the quest constantly tries to get you to STOP completing it. It asks you, it threatens you, and at one point it tries to bargain with you to stop trying to complete it.

Even starting the quest is different than the usual formula. Usually you are told where it begins via Quest Journal, News Post, or even the Behind the Scenes. Not in this case. You legitimately have to figure out the quest start location (there is one, don’t worry) on your own (or you can ask a friend, but that’s no fun unless they’re good at riddles). And don’t worry; that’s the hardest part. But just that beginning, where after figuring out a puzzle and getting marked for death really drives you into the quest. You just stirred the hornet’s nest, and now you get to figure out what’s so secret that it promises even the death of you; the pivotal hero of Runescape.

Another minor spoiler, but it ends on a note that there will be another quest of the same vein. Perhaps in the very near future. It was made fairly quickly, with few new resources, meaning that more quests along the same storyline can be made. Or, and I’m really REALLY hoping for this, it will be another “figure it out, players” activity like finding the missing Ga’al, where everybody contributes to figuring out a puzzle with minor, vague clues from the J-Mod who created it. That was epic.

So yeah. Great quest. Really hoping there will be many many more like it. Please, folks at Jagex, keep surprising us! Give us the minimal details and let the quests take a sudden, sharp turn! That is the best way to do it!

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

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