Alex’s Analysis – Bonus Exp WEEKend

posted by on 22nd November 2019, at 11:52pm

Yeah, it’s about that time again. The time where we set an entire weekend aside and hoard as many in-game resources as we can for some real proper grind-work. Or, maybe you take advantage of everybody buying everything and use the weekend to make some epic bank, as resource prices go through the roof during this integral time, almost doubling in price to match the exp gains. Maybe you even decide to take advantage of everyone’s desire to train more rudimentary skills and nab those ad and boss spots that nobody bothers to occupy during said weekend?

Or, if you’re like me, the weekend where you actually go dungeoneering with others. I mean, I’m only one level to 120; may as well make it exciting, right?

Except this time, it’s not. The fine folks at Jagex are doing things quite a bit differently this time. Rather than limit the double exp to the weekend itself, they are basically going to give each player 36 hours of double EXP time (about the average a player spends playing on DXP weekend) spread throughout the entire week.

What does that mean? It means you no longer have to binge the weekend. You have the ENTIRE WEEK TO DOUBLE EXP! WOOO!

Am I excited for this? I am, very much so. I am, admittedly, a noob at DXP weekend, mainly due to life and responsibility chores I absolutely must tear myself away from Runescape to entertain (I know, right? Why do I even still write in this paper?). This allows me to take my time, get my proper sleep and stuff, and still potentially max out my benefits as I scavenge time. It’s good for me.

What I’m worried about is the players out there who see DXP as that sort of hardcore right of passage. The DXP is presented on the weekend and given that limited space in time so that it’s properly earned through diligence, hard work, and their own personal disregard to their own health and hygiene. The time they put into the game is the time and effort they get out of it. It is a proper reward.

Unlike this version, where’s it’s more a universal boon for players who happen to play the game during this week. There’s no real hardcore commitment. There’s still 36 hours of DXP to pool through, but it’s much more easily manageable. Less of an effort and less of a reward.

So what does this mean for the game? How will this affect the usual perks of double EXP weekend?

First, there is less of a rush to get things done, so you will find not nearly as many players doing things. Granted, the weekend will still be packed, as most players have the full weekend to themselves anyways and will take advantage of it. However, there will be a large quantity of folks who would’ve otherwise committed to the weekend, but because there no longer is the pressure of being online those two days, they may be more content simply playing throughout the week and avoiding the binge.

And that’s good. Doesn’t leave players burnt out at the end. Too much Runescape, and it’s easy (and possible, I don’t care what you may think) to get tired of it.

Second, with more double exp, more players will be utilizing it for longer. That means more resources will be used and consumed. That means that they will be more expensive and valuable on the market. So if you’re gonna dungeoneer like me, this is a really good time to sell accumulated stash. … unless your stash is herbs. I’m keeping that stuff; herblore is annoying to train. Thank goodness for the auto-potion mixer at the Invention Guild. Beautifully saves an exp-waste step when utilized well throughout the week.

Third, and again, without that excitement, I think that double exp weekend sort of loses that initial hype behind it and becomes more an offering to the player-base to help ease their grinding.

In a game that is all about advancing levels and doing quests, we as players are constantly looking to optimize these things so that we can succeed. Succeed more, succeed faster. Hard to get better than doubling your experience rate on every single skill just by playing on a certain week of the year, which takes no skill other than the ability to keep a general track of time and abide to a flexible schedule. Being able to stay up the late hours of the weekend and go a solid 36 hours straight; that’s actual skill involved. That’s hard. … that’s also unhealthy; please, please don’t actually do that.

So, as a casual player, I am all for double exp weekend being the double exp week. Thumbs up on that one. I need that experience boost. And to those who prefer the only-on-the-weekend version… I get it, you are the guys who got level 99 runecrafting with law runes. That’s wicked impressive dedication to the game, and you guys really should have a cape for “level 99 runecrafting without touching the runespan” or something. Or a cape for “finished the 36 hours in 2 days”. Something to show off for that effort. It’s why you do it, after all. Right?

… yeah. You guys are cool. Good job. I’d pat you on the back, but I don’t think the world is ready for quantum teleportation just yet.

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!


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