Completing November’s Arc

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Hello Friends!

As we enter November the end of the year is in sight. We’re planning the last 8 episodes of RSBANDBUpdate! and more importantly eagerly anticipating the release of the final two chapters of Sliske’s Endgame! That’s what we can look forward to in November and December but today it’s time to review the month that was October on RSBANDBInformer!

This month’s headlining RuneScape update was The Arc Chapter 2. Chapter 2 made the Arc what it should have been from the very beginning. Alex gives his analysis of The Arc Chapter 2 and what we can expect going forward. Questing in RuneScape hasn’t always been serious, in fact one could argue that RuneScape quests are best when they use wit and humour. This month Colton took a look back at Rum Deal and how this quest is just the “tip of the iceberg” for the entirety of the pirate quest line. Will 2017 complete the pirate quest line?

In non-RuneScape content this month we have a preview of the sweet October that was in the form of game releases! Tanis talked about a number of the releases this month including Mafia 3, Sid Meier Civilization VI, Titanfall 2, and Battlefield I. This is a true quartet of gaming content released this month and Tanis highlights the positive aspects of all in Trick or Treat: gamers Treated to a Sweet October. Our last article this month comes from yours truly, I decided to write about Apple’s latest MacBook Pro release. This release is truly ground breaking and points to the future more so than any of Apple’s releases since the iPad. Whether or not you are a Mac user this release impacts all notebook and desktop users, click here to read more about the future.

October saw that conclusion of the Firemaking Skill of the Month. Duke Juker took 1st place with an astounding 32,321,070 experience gained. Congratulations!

October 2016 SKOTM Trophy

Rounding out the top 3 were Flash with 17.1 million experience gained and Pyrnassius with 12 million experience gained. Good job all around.

And with that being said we’ll see you at the start of December!

Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro and The Future

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In late October 2016 Apple unveiled their revamped MacBook Pro notebooks at a media event. At these events we can normally expect some change in form factor to the computer. These changes are often incremental but this time the changes go far beyond incremental. Apple introduced a Touch Bar replacing the function key row and […]

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