Trick Or Treat: Gamers Treated To A Sweet October

posted by on 31st October 2016, at 3:06am

The fall gaming season is here in full force this October. Triple A titles are reminding everyone that indie titles are hip, but triple A’s are called that for a reason. October has been a very busy month for the gaming industry with nearly every week in October getting a new much anticipated title released. Given all that is going on in the larger gaming world, and with RuneScape seeming to have a less than exciting update month, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about some of these new releases.

First up is Mafia 3 which was released on October 7. This title was six years in the making and has received a very mixed response from gamers and critics. In Mafia 3 you play the role of Lincoln Clay a Vietnam vet recently back from the war. When you go home to New Bordeaux you find out that the Italian mob has wiped out your adopted family, the black mob. Many of the reviews I’ve read on Steam have pointed to the fact that Mafia 2 is actually better, not just in story, but graphics and game-play as well. Mafia 3 may be a victim of the franchise’s previous success however. Another interesting aspect I’ve noticed from forums, blogs and reviews is that for players that have no prior experience with the Mafia franchise they seem to like the game much more than their contemporaries that have played them all. Overall from what I’ve seen the game looks OK. I don’t think it stands out but it definitely looks like a solid game and the cut scenes really drew me in and that was just from the trailers. I would take a chance on this game on a Steam sale.
Next is one of my all time favorite franchises: Sid Meiers Civilization VI. I loved every Civilization game I ever played and I can’t wait to play this one. In Civilization you are tasked with taking a civilization from the stone age to the information age and beyond. Its up to you to decide how your cities will be set up, what technologies you develop, and what governmental policies you’ll enact. I often call Civilization a history simulator because of its capacity to teach people about history and civics. Civilization VI has been receiving excellent reviews with 80% of its over 6300 reviews being positive on Steam. The only criticism I’ve seen has been that some people don’t like the more cartoon style of graphics this time around. I would tend to agree with that. The additions to the game have been highly regarded though. City regions have been added, each taking up a tile on your map, where certain buildings have to go. This, along with a robust religion system all have added depth to a game that was already pretty deep. This may make you reluctant to give Civ a try because of its high barrier to entry; however, you are taught everything as it happens and you can do quite well just understanding the basics for awhile. It also has over 160k concurrent users on Steam so there’s a large community from which to draw support.
Do you like shooter games? How about giant robots? If you said yes then you are in luck. Titanfall 2 comes out on October 28 and so far it just may be the surprise of the entire year. This game has had beta access for its multiplayer for a little while but what really took the critics by surprise was its single player campaign. I don’t think people expected much from a game who’s predecessor didn’t have a single player mode; however, by most accounts it’s engaging, paced just right, and basically leaves you wanting more. I’m really glad games are beginning to make sure they launch with single player modes. I can’t help but to feel a game is tragically incomplete without one (looking at you Battlefront). All that being said the multiplayer is no slouch either. There’s been a number of improvements from Titanfall. Maps are better spaced and battles better paced. There’s been a focus on strategy as well. For a game that includes giant butt kicking robots its surprisingly smart shooter. You definitely won’t feel disappointed spending some cash on this game.
Finally we come to the big one, the grand daddy. Boys and girls, the hype train has left the station and actually made it to its destination without derailing and taking our hard earned money with it. Battlefield I is out and it is awesome. I really didn’t know how this game would turn out. We all remember Battlefield 4 and all its issues that combined with how many times gamers have been burned this summer made me once bitten, twice shy. However my pessimism was unfounded in this case. Its not just good, its great. The WWI setting is well done and it goes a long way to teaching people a little bit about a war very few remember and even fewer understand. Obviously its a game and not a 100% accurate but I’m willing to take it because I’ve said for a long time that video games are an effective way to teach people about history. Although the focus is on entertainment value, it still gives players a good idea of the forces at play in WWI. Its single player is solid and it takes a look at the war across six different characters points of view. Its not super long but its enough. Of course people play Battlefield for its multiplayer and its pretty solid so far. No real server problems or anything like that at launch so its off and running. As with any multiplayer we really won’t know its success or lack there of until its been out for several months. All and all if you can only buy one game in October, this is the one to buy.

October is full of treats for gamers. There are so many really good games that have launched or are launching in October. The offerings are diverse and exciting. No matter what you like to play I think you can find something great in October’s offerings. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on Battlefield I and Civilization VI. Let us know what you’re looking forward to. Next month I’ll be back in Gielinor, so until next time, Happy RuneScaping.

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