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posted by on 22nd May 2016, at 7:47pm

So, this week announced the release of a somewhat more refined version of the Invention tech trees, which include new potential rewards ranging from additional Invention-based skill-training tools to magic and melee variations of the multicannon. Because that’s necessary, since the multicannon is no longer awesome enough. Is that right, guys? Is that what you’re playing at? Just because not everybody likes the multicannon means we need more options? Is that it?

Just kidding. I’m all for these new variations, actually. Would make for some very interesting cannon parties in the future. And why be confined to range when enemy weakness types play a much more obvious role in our everyday training? No, that was a well-needed addition to our dreadnips and summoning familiars when it comes to assisted solo-training.

But that’s just one or two of the rewards. Let’s discuss this update in full.

When Invention first came out, we were told there would be different “tech trees” that we could follow when we got to certain levels in the skill. This allowed us to specialize in a certain race’s tech and create a slightly unique set of rewards and features. Unlike the Shield of Arrav quest, though, you aren’t confined to a single choice; later on, you can take on the next tech tree after finishing one. It just takes more experience and more time to get the next set of rewards, so you’re really only choosing in what order you receive said rewards based on what they are and what they can do for you.

With this update, they took it one step further. They added a technology menu that lets you complete invention “tasks” to gain “tech tree currency”. This currency is what lets you buy the faction-specific invention blueprints that you must then “discover” (meh, free invention exp). So now it’s not only getting the level; you also need to stack up enough currency through daily tasks in order to unlock the inventions.

Is this a good thing? Well, I’m sure there are a lot of players who wouldn’t think so. To them, they’ve just got robbed all those inventions after going into the update with a considerably high level. To me, though, they’ve give the skill a bit more substance. Now it’s not only choosing the tech tree to get the order of your rewards; you also get to choose the rewards themselves to an extent. Plus, there’s now yet another daily thing you can just pop into Runescape for alongside the ports, treasure hunter, Heart of Gielinor 2 bounties, citadel work, sinkholes, evil tree, shooting stars, and all them weekly and monthly events. The fun never ends!

It’s also a good thing because, and branching back to my article about being unique for a bit, it allows you to specialize and have something that other players most likely do not. This lets you show stuff off or contribute to your clan in a different way than most. As the game progresses and the community becomes more and more… well, “complete”, such methods of being unique become harder and more scarce. This is simply another of the game designers way of helping add more and more things to allow players to stand out, alongside rares and cosmetics.

Let’s go through some of these nifty rewards! Starting on the goblin side:

B.A.N.K Stander: Built with an adamantite bar and 10 refined components (components created using junk, meaning these won’t be hard at all to make in bulk), you set them up at a bank, and after some hanging out or training, you can dismantle them for pretty much free invention materials! A highly recommended addition to those having trouble training the skill.

Mechanized chinchompa: Level 75 chinchompas, plain and simple. Transform 50 red chinchompas into these using a rather large quantity of tier 1 parts and Living components. Great for ranged training at the mummies, though I have my doubts they’ll be recommended over the red ones for mass training just because of all the components required. Still, they’re a welcome addition to that particular style of Area of Effect ranging.

Monkey Mind-Control Helmet: Gives you a monkey butler for your player-owned house. One that I doubt needs a demonic sum of money to work. Pretty expensive when it comes to components (25 crystal parts, 420 head parts, 50 living components, and a monkey talisman), but you only ever need to build one. It’s nice having invention options you only ever need to build one of.

Dungeoneering Party Simulator: Increases experience from completing dungeoneering floors lower than 5 party members. Good for those who don’t have available friends and really hate world 77. However, if you’re keen enough to negotiate world 77 and go with the flow, you may want to save this one for later acquisition.

Electric Box Trap: A box trap that almost always catches the target. Unfortunately, they are consumable, so you might want to stick with protean traps if you really want that experience. Otherwise, if you’re actually hunting to collect chinchompas and grenwall spikes, then I personally think they would be a good thing to have.

Oldak Coil: The Magic Multi-cannon! Not as much range as the multi-cannon, but it deals area of effect damage. Like the multi-cannon, they are consumable and will degrade over time, but unlike the multi-cannon, you gotta build another one after this happens, so make sure to grab it beforehand. Interestingly enough, it too uses cannonballs as ammo.

Exciting, eh? Wait until you get a load of the dwarven loot:

Sprinker Mark 1: A device that, after adding to a flower patch, constantly waters the other three. Highly recommend over the mining accumulator in the same tier, as mining’s much easier to train.

Book Switcher: Lets you change spellbooks or prayers at a bank. Relatively cheap to make with an adamantite bar, 15 magic parts, 15 spiritual parts, and an enhancing component. Good for those who don’t have access to Prifddinas, but otherwise, they’re really just a minor convenience compared to…

The Calorie Bomb: Now here’s a neat idea. Stockpile this thing with fish, and then deploy it to create an area-of-effect healing node similar to the Ice Asylum. Great for boss runs and helping newer players out. Of course, if you’re a soloer, then you probably aren’t interested. No matter. Comparatively cheap to build, as it’s mainly parts, but not so much that one would go ahead and use them every chance they could get.

Auto-Sanctifier: Yet another way to make training prayer less expensive. Basically carry it with you and burying bones / scattering askes gets you more experience. Coupled with a bone crusher, and you’re set to fight Nechryeals and abyssal demons en masse.

Kinetic Cyclone: The Melee Multi-Cannon! Some genius had the bright idea to attach boxing gloves to a cannon and turn up the RPM. And it’s fuelled by cannonballs. Figure that one out. Deals a lot more damage than the regular cannon, but you’ve got to make your opponent pretty much hug it, making it not so useful on training at the dagannoths. This one’s more for fighting bosses or higher level enemies you can lure, like runite dragons or tormented demons. If you can set them up there. I dunno, I’ve never tried. I’m a cannoneer, but I’m also sane.

Dungeoneering Lock Melter: Another dungeoneering assistant. Lets you bypass one door you don’t have the level for. Not overly necessary, especially if you’re level 99 everything, but hey, if you want to be that surprise low-level guy who always must have a potion for everything in a team, this is a very viable (and much quicker) option.

Both tiers also have a woodcutting and mining accumulator that gives extra experience for failed attempts at harvesting resources. Handy if you want to train at higher tiered resource nodes for the loot, but otherwise, the second option in that tier is usually the better one in my opinion.

So there you go. Multiple new inventions for the dwarven and goblin tech trees. Hopefully we’ll soon get to see the tech trees for other races in the near future. Like demons, dragons, and elves. And maybe Tzhaar. Maybe.

Oh, also there’s a griffin outfit. Because Runescape needs more griffins. … no, I’m serious, there’s one on White Wolf Mountain and that’s it. Let’s see them in the upcoming aviansie quest, eh?

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

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