Is Premier Membership Still Worth It?

posted by on 24th November 2015, at 3:05am

Premier Membership is coming back to RuneScape once again. A great way to get all the RuneScape pay for the year, out of the way and to get some bonuses while doing it. But is it really worth it anymore? I bring this up because throughout the year updates come out for seasons that when buying membership, better benefits come out than what is released with the Premier club. If I already purchased my membership for the whole year, then why am I missing out on all these opportunities?

I think to bring the Premier Membership back up to par, these features should be accessible when buying the whole year of membership. Even if that means bringing up that cost a few dollars. Maybe even added a tier above gold. Platinum or Dragon. I wouldn’t think twice about paying more if it meant that I wouldn’t miss out on anything. I have signed up for the Premier club since it was first announced because of all the benefits that came with it. The extra rune coins on the first year, the extra spin every day that the premier membership covers, and the pets and emotes that come with the membership are all things that I have enjoyed and really talked my friends into doing. None of them regret getting this membership.

When it was first released it was a great plan. Times have changed and the premier membership now needs to account for its gimmicky feel for missing out on bonus exp or extra spins for certain events that happen throughout the year. It also seems that with each year that goes by the bonuses for buying the membership seem to be going down and the content is decreasing. I see this with a lot of other parts of Runescape where people are only caring about pets. I don’t know if this is mostly Jagex’s doing or if pets are really the best thing since sliced bread. I want stuff I can buy at the store to come out again and to be given the perk of rune coins to buy them with over a stinking pet. If I want the pet, I will buy the pet.

Another area that can really be improved about the membership plan would be with the newsletters released every few months. I would really like to have extra stuff with this almost like getting a small little magazine on all things Runescape. Maybe new training methods or articles from Runescape players and art from the players like they do with the community spots they put on updates for the site every once and awhile. Maybe even have exclusive contests for people that sign onto this membership, just as another small perk. All those things for the newsletter that could be updated would not only cost Jagex very little in extra expense, but would also entice the players and make them more interested in receiving those newsletter. As of right now, I have not looked at very many of them because they are really lackluster and disappointing in amount of content.

Bringing premier membership more benefits may be considered alienating the people that do not buy that kind of membership or cannot. I think that there isn’t really that big of a difference. There are benefits to getting membership in each of their own ways. Buying bonds makes Runescape essentially free to play as members. I have many friends that do this. I used to think that was difficult but being honest, if someone is playing for at half of my level they can still make that necessary money in order to get that membership every 14 days. Buying the membership from the cards benefit is really getting the bonus stuff when Jagex releases an event or to buy membership without using a card online. Though this is great, the idea that I propose here does not take away that from either of these methods of getting membership. The added bonus for handing out a year guarantee of membership should have the benefits of all other forms of receiving membership hence it being called premier.

Regardless of what happens I will be selecting the premier membership at the end of the month as usual. Though I will miss out on the benefits for all the other membership pay methods I will still be a member for a whole year without having to think about it. The benefits are really nice and though they could be updated I still feel that premier membership is the best way to pay for membership in Runescape.

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