Setting New Goals

posted by on 27th October 2015, at 11:19pm

Two years ago something really awesome was announced by Jagex. Shortly after bonds had been released in the game, Jagex had announced the next Runefest. But what was special about this was that people could pay for their trip with bonds. This opened up the realm of possibilities as what you could use the bonds for increased the following year with hotel stays and airway tickets after getting in touch with Jagex themselves. Yes this opened the door for me as well. I never plan to spend all that money to travel halfway across the world for one game convention. But now, I didn’t have to. I could take a trip all expenses essentially paid. It would only make me spend time playing the game I already enjoy. What a deal. To some this may seem as a pipe dream but when you do the math and factor in the preexisting knowledge of new bosses and high wealth opportunities the idea can very quickly become a reality.

The last month has been extremely busy for me. With my new job as a web developer sitting down and playing some Runescape whether it’s farming runs or bossing with my friends has become some sort of way to unwind. I maxed out at the end of spring this year and have since been struggling to find something I can get into with this game. I don’t really have any desire to go for a completionist’s cape. This idea saved my love for the game. That may sound shallow to you, but in doing so I realized what fun I was missing out on, and had really been missing because I was so determined to max. I have been playing with friends again. I have been working to find the fastest methods to get things done and I have been playing side by side with my IRL friends. Something that I have not done since early high school. That breath of fresh air was truly what I needed to reignite that spark.

So all my story aside, it’s time to crunch some numbers so maybe someone else can try what I am doing. Keep in mind this is with my max account and that the wealth is subject to change at any time. To start, do about two to three herb runs in farming a day using the max profit herb which I have found to be Lantydames. A good run of this will generate around 1-1.2M per day. Over the course of a whole week with weekends generating one or two more runs, that can pay for 1 bond at the current price of 10.5mil. Moving on to the next daily, coconut runs give about 150k on a bad day per run, once a day seven days a week.

Getting outside of farming, there is the daily amount of pure essence using my wicked hood that gets turned into nature runes usually bringing in a good 200k per day. Daily divine locations are very quick cash as well returning variable profit depending on busy locations that people will use them at. I normally place a rocktail bubble and make quick money this way. Once all the repetitive stuff is over, I usually power level my lower level friend to get him up to speed for duo kalphite king, or I do a mix of bossing myself and slayer. This brings in the bulk of the money. QBD is the one I would recommend for soloing still as using the right equipment can bring kills down really quickly and one kill will normally take just over 2 minutes. I can get many of those kills in rapid succession by just quick starting the match.

Without going into much more detail about it I want to get to my point about all this. Making money in Runescape is really easy when you find what you enjoy and friends that also enjoy it. It has been so long since I have played and made money and had more fun with my friends than even caring about cash or experience. The cash is easy to get, so play Runescape like a game. Enjoy it with people like an MMO, moving forward in the game doesn’t have to mean just one person, but the friends that you experience it with. I have all those methods that I do when no one is online, but when they are, I might as well have fun making that money with them. The idea that Runefest is something that I can accomplish like a 99 is awesome, and I want to put a method on how to get it, but I want to do it right this time. Enjoying every step of the way.

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