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I don’t feel that the title needs much more to it. Raids is one of the best updates to the game in my perspective since the EoC. That is a lofty statement as so much content has been released since that date. I feel that this update not only was unique for bosses in RuneScape but utilized the combat system the most effectively with even more promise in the future.
Raids in a sense are different in the way that fighting them requires timing and teamwork, for the first time, the boss is not the main focus for the majority of the fight. There is a solid strategy to kill the boss and when to dps. So much so, that not being on cue with my raid team could lead to someone getting snuffed out and one shot.

One thing that I like the most about raids is that there is a limit to the amount of rewards that can be received. Every 48 hours, a player can get one drop for each boss, or two drops from the first boss. This gives the content a strong replay value as it not only requires the work of putting a team together, but to set times to when bossing works for the team. Like in World of Warcraft’s weekly raid system, I feel that this gives the people playing the content hype even though the content is now no longer brand spanking new.

Another thing that adds to the raids is that there will always be a use for it. With the updates to the hydrix equipment, there has never been a better time to do bossing as well as death tasks as the equipment received a major boost in power and abilities. This is a relatively common drop from the bosses, so a good source to get the items is here. Also the armor needs to be maintained and this is the only place to do that. Just perfect. Balanced.

The update felt very light on the melee side of combat. Much of the fighting not only is best with ranged and mage attacks, but relies on it. This is the weakest part to this update in my opinion. The combat should be balanced and perhaps will be with eh second patch to raids that will be out hopefully before the end of the year. This brings me to my next thought.

The raids will be patched further! New updates will most likely be accounted for, so this means that the serene abilities and prayers could prove to be extremely important for the third boss. Will raids get easy in the future? Maybe, but there is a third boss looming, that means people that want to try for it will one day have to face three powerful and unique bosses before they even complete the raid. You think raids are tough now? You think that the new armor isn’t all that important, just you wait.

Raids will not be limited to just Mazcab, and I am sure that many people are thinking this already, the whole dimension of Runescape is full of worlds with different and unique bossing type mechanics that I couldn’t even begin to guess. Where could raids go next? The world of the Armadyl calls home? Maybe Zaros’ own home world, where environmental hazards are just as much a worry as the boss itself? This is a new concept that Jagex has brought out and if this is what they meant by a new god wars dungeon, then fine by me, it is fantastic.

I haven’t been this hyped for an update in a long time, even the release of the elf city did not compare to the training and the analyzing of the information as it became available before the release, perhaps the last time I was this excited about an update was the divination update. Sometimes it’s the simple things with a new twist to them that end up being the best content. I’m sure that the future raids update will include the third boss, an expansion to the Mazcab world and even more loot and reputation rewards. I am sure that the superior armor will be boosted with new abilities and that even more abilities will be released as a drop with the new boss. I can see the new abilities being more melee related as mentioned before, it was skipped. If this is the case, then there will be a strong reason for melee characters to be fighting in the raids post second patch.

So what do you think of the raids update? Do you find it different from different boss fights? I feel that this was indeed a brand new experience. It really did revitalize my passion for the game. I had been looking for an update that could do this and raids saved me. I will be eagerly awaiting the release of the next big update for raids, and I hope you guys will join me.

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