Bistro’s Take: World Event Three

posted by on 1st July 2015, at 5:06pm

I always have a sense of shock as to how bad these world events tend to be. Story wise I find them entertaining, but they always follow the same path when it comes to good versus evil. Unfortunately for me, and my expectations, world event three was no acceptation. I was surprised to see how simple and little there was to the event. If there is to be a good world event, it needs to have a fantastic raid or battle as well as a fantastic looking graphical change to the game based on the story.

The best of these events was the graphical update to Lumbridge. Unfortunately this town is rarely used by anyone these days which puts the rework to the background of the game. I remember logging into RuneScape three for the first time and seeing the difference from the destruction that Saradomin and Zamorak had on the town. That is the same kind of feeling that I want to get out of most of these world events.

It’s with that in mind that the 3rd world event has much promise. The consequences from Tuska reaching the planet could be sever. I personally feel that in order to justify the lack of things to do in this event that there should be some world changes regardless.

I’m tired of seeing abandoned areas in the game from the previous world events like the cabbage punch face bonanza, or the towers of Bandos and Armadyl. Unless there was physical consequences to the cities or the environment, I do not think the remains of battlefields should remain intact as long as the smoldering remains of Edgeville.

The third world event wisps the players to the back of Tuska herself. A feat that will probably never be properly explained by the wizards that did so. The players must chop or balance on spines to gain exp while waiting for the boss raid that can be accessed from the back left island by her body. Alternatively, a player can slay some of the creatures that are riding on her back for free task less slayer exp. For the most part this is all good and fun expect that this event has down time unlike the others before it.

I feel that Jagex did a good job coming up with the caravan idea for the second world event, I feel that I made a difference by playing smart and defending and attacking the caravans. This event just waits for the raid and then does the raid only to wait again. I feel that Jagex could have tried to do something a little cleverer.

The raid. Oh, the raid. It’s pretty bad. I did the raid with a few people and was shocked with how bad it was. I found no enjoyment out of any parts of the raid. I wanted to fight things with my own weapons. Why was that so much to ask? Instead for a raid I am left to grow vines stuff fire and alien tentacles and run from island to island like a chicken with its head cut off. This raid was not what I expected and it honestly does make me fear what is in store for potential raids of the future. They need to have some sort of combat requirement. There has to be something that ties them together that is better than what we were given for this world event.

The story to me seems to be patched together with no real depth to it. I found this pretty surprising because of how much Jagex had laid the world eater and her race into our brains with The World Wakes and the slayer update that released that Airuts. Hopefully there will be more story towards the tail end of this world event that will explain what is going on and what the actual consequences will be even if the god does get destroyed before reaching gielenor.

The rewards. If you have done a world event before, you will know that there really isn’t anything out of the ordinary here except the ability to gain the combat abilities that were available in world event 2’s shop. After I get my Tuska set, I will probably be dumbing everything into experience again because there is not much enticing about the rewards shop anymore.

At the end of the day, I was very saddened by the lack of things to do for this world event. Jagex had a lot of time to work on this massive update. It was even delayed from its rune fest announcement. It turns out this won’t be the update everyone will remember to kick off the summer but instead the metallic dragons that will finally be released this month. That is an update that I cannot wait for.

I have to ask, because I do not feel alone about this world event’s reception. What are your thoughts on the raid or the overall event? Did it live up to your expectations? Regardless, here’s hoping that the next world event that will follow will show more promise.

Mr. Bistro signing off.

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