Why I Got Into Quests

posted by on 25th April 2015, at 9:00am

So many quests have been released to RuneScape since its conception. They have gone through reworks, audio upgrades and graphical reworks that really begin to tell the story of this game. I myself have not been one to do quests; especially for the story. But since the new age in RuneScape, I have not only found the quests to be more enjoyable, but really fun.
It might have something to do with the fact that I am desperately looking for things to keep me fascinated in the game. Or it may be that I have changed as a player to do different things that I wouldn’t have before.

I began liking quests for what they were right at the first quest that sparked the 6th age of RuneScape. I thought the story was awesome and had no idea what I was in for. This was the first time that the game really caught me by surprise outside of really rare drops. Nothing was like that before. I think that goes to show that the team at Jagex that works on these quests really knows what they are doing. I don’t get the feeling like it’s just an additional fetch quest. Even with the 200th quest that came out oh so recently. They are just fun.

Another thing that I feel has helped contribute to my happiness in the quest that I play is that they are not overly complicated to the point where I have to break envelopment to look up a dumb guide on where to find this character and what to ask them. I can sit down and run the quest through and take the hints and jot down stuff because I have a terrible short term memory. That feeling of accomplishing a quest on my own is really great and adds to the overall triumph of the quest.

Quest series have become really huge in the realm of Gielenor. There doesn’t seem to be many quests that come out now that do not have story prior to them. The large arcs like the elven line and the 6th age god conflicts are really cool and lore filled. I like the feeling that the adventure continues, especially when the quest line involves other quests like While Guthix Sleeps or the World Wakes quest line. They are diverse and all have a different feel to them that makes them unique like if I was to mine instead of do combat.

The lore is turned the page over the years to become a work of art and when new quest material comes out that pushes the timeline forward, I now gobble it up. My favorite lore at the moment is the Branches of Darkmyre quest line. I love the eerie atmosphere and the grey area decisions that need to be made. I really enjoyed looking up the history of the vampires to find out that the swamp biome of RuneScape’s eastern face was once filled with life and light.

I got the same feeling from the 200th quest, going through 4 of the basic quests that I had done so many years ago with a comical simplicity to them was both nostalgic and new. I think that is a really hard blend of ideas for the reason that it doesn’t seem to work so well in the realm of cinema. I went into the quest thinking to myself, “oh boy, here goes a long quest where I will have to do some of the most tedious things because I’m starting all over in a new realm.” I was pleasantly surprised that everything that I needed, if I wanted was essentially free. I just had to do a little looking. By the end of the quest line I had a basic idea of where to find everything simply due to stumbling across it in earlier segments. I think that was great design.

Quests have really surprised me recently with the complexity to them from the story to the boss fights. Some of my favorite boss fights are the ones that make me want to rip my hair out of my head like I almost did with the dwarven quest lines final boss for the arc.

If you still don’t find quests enjoyable, I would recommend that you look into the lore of the game and take some time aside from the exp grind to sit down, put some head phones on and just go through a quest, sound on and everything and see what Jagex has really learned to put together. I just can’t wait for the next quests to come out because I’m running out of them before I have my cape.

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