Changing RuneScape for the Better?

posted by on 8th March 2015, at 10:00am

Imagine a world in RuneScape that is shaped completely different from today. I got an idea from the upcoming 200th quest that will be released this month in where we see much of RuneScape without the hero. What would it look like if something big and terrible happened? What if in a world event like Tuska, the hero could not stop the rampage?

The world could change quite drastically depending on the one who rules or the one who falls. Whether it is a god or a species. In the instance of if the world being effected by races I could see it having to do with the elves or the gnomes. The gnomes already fight in the current world of RuneScape, what if the dark gnomes took control? How would the western side of the continent be shaped? I could see trashed buildings and large tree growth covering the area all the way past Camelot.

If gods were to blame I could see massive full scale world changes like seen with the Lord Draken story line. In this case the holy lands were given by Zamorak to the vampire lord. He then went and cast major changes to the holy lands turning it into the swamp of the dead that we see in the game today.

If gods really affected the land, Zamorak would create destruction of the current world that would fit the generals that he gifted the land to. For instance, he could give the demons Varrock and we would see demon like structures throughout the city.

The reason I am so into change for the world map of some kind is that it would be a fascinating new adventure. I understand that it would be a huge undertaking that would take more money than it’s worth.

I want something like the major change to Lumbridge that is documented change in RuneScape history. This would be different from just changing the map like it was done for Taverley. A strong story that leads to major destruction or new world building would be fresh for the game and many new things could be done with it.

This could also lead to awesome story ideas like, “how did the land end up changing in the first place?” Was it because someone harnessed the power of divine energy or ripped the divine locations wide open. Could it have something to do with RuneScape’s Elder Halls that were mentioned in Fate of the Gods released last year?

Speaking of the Elder Halls, what would the destruction of these halls do to the Elder Gods? I think because the Elder Gods are so far out from the current RuneScape story that the quests that will soon follow to help the player learn more about them would be required before I can say anything on what they are capable of destroying.

It would be cool if I saw world changes like in World of Warcraft where there was major destruction and world changes.
The ideal change that I would like to see for the game, or in a world event would be changing the entire scenery to a frosted or snow covered RuneScape. After the world event everything would thaw or stay frozen based on the outcome of the world event. What could cause a freeze for the world event?

Maybe a demon escapes the bottom of Daemonheim and starts making portals that spawn more beholders and demons and the players must work together to fight the growing army of frost demons. This sounds a lot like the story line to the first season of the anime, Log Horizon, after I think about it. The players that are stuck in a video game world need to protect it from a world event where the goblin king spawns and summons thousands of goblins that attack the NPC towns and cities.

If Jagex could try this idea out with the Tuska world event I would be so excited to play it. I really want to see some sort of change happen to the map again based off the events of a massive scale update. I want to see world events happen that the gaming community sees as amazing feats and by gaming community I don’t just mean RuneScape players. The game has fallen out of the main focus of games and needs to find a way to get back up towards the top MMO’s to play. With a growing community and a change for the players to really make a difference. Now has never been a better time to get what we want out of our favorite game.

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