Jumping out of January

posted by on 2nd February 2015, at 3:23pm

Howdy, y’all! I *really* hope I haven’t already used “Jumping out of January” as a title before, but if I have, oh well!

We have a bunch of exciting articles for you this month! Alex 43 and JasonMRC start us off with a look forward at this 2015, while Tanis, Mason, and Mr. Bistro give their opinions of January’s updates. Tanis and Mason talk about the launch of RuneLabs, and Mr. Bistro tells us about “The Drop”. The melodious Duke Juker discusses the evolution of music in video games, and our Dear Leader Shane talks about the modern home media server!

Tim somehow maintained a linear trajectory for the entire month of January, winning the Hunter Skill of the Month with 15.7 million experience, beating the runner-up, Sunset Fish, by over 10 million experience!

Congratulation, Tim! Here’s your trophy!

I also have the pleasure of welcoming our very own Lord Rickles to the Community Ambassador team!

The community ambassador team is looking into expanding to Old School RuneScape in the coming months. Shwa will be taking the lead on that front; if you or someone you know have any ideas for OSRS events or would like to help out, please send me or Shwa a PM on the forums

Also, this coming weekend we’ll be running one of our very own community driven events. The event is community driven since, you, the community will decide what takes place. The choices are a Minigame (Castle Wars, Fishing Trawler, etc.), Boss Takedown, or Community Skill Training. This takes place on Sunday February 8th at 1pm RSBANDB time / Mountain (Noon pacific, 3pm Eastern, 8pm UTC). You can vote and find out more information in this forum topic.

I also want to plug our weekly PC Gaming event. It is every Tuesday at 10 PM EST/8 PM RSBandB time and we vote for a different game each week – our choices are Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, and Garry’s Mod (trouble in terrorist town and prop hunt). Our Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Garry’s mod servers include Shane sound effects, and those alone are worth coming for! Join us in our Mumble server, too! I have created a guide to joining the mumble server here! Hope to see you soon!

Hopefully Shane won’t beat me too much this month – I’d better put on my running shoes!

See y’all later!


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