Letter to Santa Claus

posted by on 16th December 2014, at 5:13pm

Dear Santa,

I know it’s been a long time since I have written you a letter, but this year I wanted to ask for a few things specifically, in the hopes that I have been good enough for you to bring them. I know every year you bring Christmas cheer and presents to the land of Gelinor and every year I somehow have to help you save Christmas, feed your reindeer, or deliver presents. Don’t get me wrong, I like to do these things but I also want to let you know what I have been doing the rest of the year to show just how good I’ve been.

First off, I helped the last Dragon Rider get back home and believe me, it was no easy task. I also saved Ashdale from a sea monster. I don’t know if this will go down as naughty or nice, but I did  bring Zaros back and spared the life of a particularly pathetic goblin. Oh and I can’t forget I helped the elves get their fabled city back and exorcised a haunted mansion. As you can see I have been quite good and definitely should be on the nice list.

I don’t know if you know what I want for Christmas yet so I thought I would just make a list for you. If you can’t bring me all of these things I understand, but few would be nice.

  1. A horse, I know I ask for this every year and every year you don’t bring it to me but I am going to again, please bring me a horse.
  2. A Dragon Rider teleport, I really thought I would get this when I completed one of a kind but since Jagex didn’t think of it, could you bring it to me please? I’ll even buy it from Solomon if you bring it to him.
  3. Voiced quest, I would really like Jagex to start doing this more because they have really gotten away from it and I hate reading dialogue.
  4. A bathroom for my POH, I’ve been going outside for almost 8 years now. I have a dungeon, a servant, a teleport room, and all the amenities anyone could want but no bathroom and I really, really need to go.
  5. The church of me, this was supposed to happen this year but Jagex got a little too busy and it never came into game so if it’s not too much trouble could I get this for Christmas?
  6. More drop table reworks, I know there have been some reworks this year and they have been quite good but I would like even more for Christmas.
  7. A way to make money from my skills, I know there are ways to make one million per hour doing Runecrafting, etc., but I would really like just one method that was comparable to the money made at QBD.

There you go Santa, that’s my list. I don’t think it’s too much especially given how good I have been this year and many of the presents I asked for would help other people as well. Of course I will help you this year too – delivering presents or defeating the evil snowman Snowverload, but could you do me one favor and tell your head elf if he gives me one more XP lamp worth 900 XP he can just keep it. Really, I don’t need it, it is insulting. I will be sure to leave some cookies for you, hope you have a great Christmas!

Santa, until next year, Happy Runescaping,


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