A New God Wars Dungeon

posted by on 18th November 2014, at 12:00pm

Hello Everyone, Over the past few months, my articles have covered everything from future map expansion from the depths of Daemonheim to the skys of Abbinah. I have covered the rich combat experience that we can enjoy today. But today it’s time to mesh it all together and fuse it into something I have grown really excited for. Ladies and gentlemen, elves and dwarves, God Wars II.

Before I even get into my in depth wish list so to speak, check out this video from my channel over on Youtube, it will help everyone understand where I am coming from as I trek forward into a new experience.

I will start off my going into specifics to what should be expected. It should involve large factions of gods, similar to the current God Wars Dungeon.  It would involve factions of Gods fighting each other just like in the previous set. This time however, I could see new gods and generals fighting each other other something powerful and important to RuneScape lore. Bandos would most likely be out of the count as he is no longer alive. Saradomin and Armadyl would more than likely attend along with Zaros and Zamorak. I don’t feel that the new God wars would need a 5th God to go with it. But I will get into that again shortly.

So what would this dungeon look like? I can paint a picture right after I drop some more lore into it to back myself up. Another recent topic that is gaining ground again is the inclusion of the update Floor 61. The finale to Dungeoneering. In it the adventurer will finally reach the bottom and find out “What is making everything stronger!” Ah-ha! if there isn’t potential in that idea than I’ll hand in all my Agility experience and do it all over again.  This is a perfect reason to pump up monster power for getting kill counts. This gives the Gods something to fight over, this gives an epic conclusion and reward as end game content to the dungeoneering portion of the game. This makes dungeoneering more relevant.

Now for the picture, the floors of the bottom of Daemonheim are torn with pure energy as the rift between worlds seeps out power to the gods and their armies. The dark mystical dungeon is erupting into an all out war as each god tries to get his hands on the precious energy that will push them above all others.

The mechanics to this dungeon would work similar to the previous God Wars Dungeon except the level requirements would be higher, the trash that would need to be killed for kill count would be smart and powerful to the point that players would have to work as a team to efficiently take them down. Using special abilities and maybe new abilities that could come with this update, the players could buff each other and heal each other, maybe large area of effect spells could be created that influence the accuracy of the enemy or the defense. This would allow players to create strategies within their group to attack at a certain time, or use defensive abilities at a certain time.

After a kill count is obtained by maybe harvesting the energy from the rift from the killed mobs using divination, they can enter the boss room. I think to make the bosses different from God Wars, they should be stand alone bosses with no smaller trash to kill in the room. These bosses should have a large array of abilities. Some of the abilities should also only trigger at half health similar to other bosses as well. But the point is these bosses need to truly test a player and their team. make them use abilities or have to choose between helping another teammate with a buff or heal.

Jagex really needs to understand that people in RuneScape love a challenge, they want a boss to be hard. I myself would like these bosses to be so hard that it takes a few days for people to actually get a kill on them. The new God Wars should be the highest level content for bossing. It should make someone really fight and be at the edge of their seat to get a kill. and to really soak in a feeling of true accomplishment. Make some of the rewards untradeable and highly degradable. make the items that are trade able the best in the game with the highest degrade rate. Make people have to piece something together like what was done with the god swords.

Wrapping up, I feel that God Wars II has the potential to be something truly amazing, something to look forward to doing. RuneScape doesn’t have very many on the edge of your seat moments anymore and this could bring it back. Make the whole experience fun, not just the boss, but the trash mobs and kill count to get there.

So what do you guys all think of this idea? I know that people don’t like Dungeoneering all to much, but it’s hard to argue with such a compelling lore possibility and cool setting.


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