Jumpin’ into June!

posted by on 1st June 2014, at 3:52pm

Greetings, everyone! Earth here, everyone’s favourite member of RSBandB!

We started May off with an article by Jason with his discussion of Power to the Players. Next up, Duke shares his thoughts on Steam sales and how we, as players, might not have enough time to play every game we buy. After that, Tanis gives us an in-depth overview of Prifddinas. To Kinect this together, Shane brings us an article advocating the Kinect 2.0, and why one shouldn’t buy an Xbox One without the Kinect. To round off the RuneScape articles for the month, Mason discusses the recent Archer’s Ring glitch, and how it and Jagex’s system to restore lost items could very well hurt the game. Finally, Duke brings us ANOTHER article, this time about what keeps a gamer playing.

This month’s Skill of the Month was… interesting… to say the least. Blethorskite slayed his opponents in our Slayer Skill of the Month, gaining over 32.1 MILLION experience in the span of one month. For comparison, The RRman gained 2.1 million experience.

May 2014 SKOTM Trophy

This month Team Penguin celebrated their 300th penguin tracking thread. In the lead up to the celebrations, Shane sat down with Canada Grrl, leader of Team Penguin, to talk about their operations.

……I think Shane’s distracted! I better run!

See you all later!



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