Flopping into February

posted by on 2nd February 2014, at 2:30pm

Hello, everyone!
The leader of your favorite pseudo-band, Earth and the Informers, is back!

We have an exciting selection of articles for your enjoyment this month! Our wonderful gaming writer, Duke Juker, discusses the ethics of pay-to-win games. Jason starts us off on our RuneScape articles this month with “Jagex isn’t Evil… It’s Just…“. Alex follows this up with a description of 10 skill states going into 2014. Mason gives us his view on “No Beta Way to Fix Combat“, Jagex’s foray into fixing the combat system with another beta. Most importantly, our newest writer, Tanis, rounds us out with “RuneScape: All Grown Up“. Finally, our Dear Leader, Shane12088, finishes up our articles for this month with his perfect and wonderful in every way and more article Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering vs. Information Technology. All hail King Shane I.

In January’s Attack Skill of The Month Jamandy52 ran away with the competition. The competition ended with Jamandy52 gaining 2.7 million experience. This marks his third consecutive Skill of The Month win. Will this trend continue into February? Find out next time on RSBandB Informer Roundup! Here is your trophy:

Right, while Shane is distracted I’m gonna run away



Earth and the Informers

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