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posted by on 10th February 2014, at 6:10am

Hey, guys. I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my usual crazy antics in the regular Runescape game (with a free topic) and have been developing up my character in Old School Runescape (otherwise known as RS07). Not to say that I’m getting tired of regular Runescape or anything. I’m still a huge fan of EoC, and I’m incredibly excited at the changes the combat beta will bring out.

It’s just… well, there’s something I’ve been longing to do again, and for the moment it can only be done in RS07. Though I can also do it in RSC (Runescape Classic), and much more flexibly and I’ve got considerably better stats in there, it’ll just take considerably longer to get a certain component. Once I finally reach the personal goal of mine again, I’ll let you guys know what it is through pictures and Runewire posts. Though I imagine several of you can make a guess.

Also, my character originally grew up in RSC. That’s where I got all my main stats built up. Doing it all over again in RS07 is… well, it’s almost a new experience for me.

Basically I’m powering through as many quests as I can for the generous experience rewards and teleport unlocks (gnome glider and spirit tree, fairy ring, etc.), training only when it’s necessary for a target quest. It’s good fun; most of my stats are in the 40s now, and since I’ve done most of the quests in RSC beforehand, each quest feels very different in some way than what I remember.

Got my adamantite armour now, and I’m once again going with my no-runite-armour tactic that some of you may remember me doing originally, except that I’m using a Runite sword until I get level 60 attack, but it’ll come quick.

To compensate for lack of armour, I’ve also learned how to prayer flash, a technique that made Woox16 famous in his earlier boss battles before EoC. If done right, it’s practically infinite protection prayer. Not only was it dismissed as “not cheating” by a Jagex mod in an FAQ (as it takes skill to master and should thusly be rewarded), but I believe Woox16 even won a visitation trip to the HQ because of it. Course, you can still sort of do it in regular Runescape, but since prayer no longer completely protects, prayer points are in the hundreds and go down much more quickly, and I’m sure most would rather use Soul Split instead, I personally don’t see it happen at all. Needless to say, it’s a lot easier to do in RS07, as the enemy attacks are much more predictable and you’ve got that second of delay to turn it off to save the prayer point.

An interesting thing is that RS07 is being updated. Not as insanely as regular Runescape, with all their new concept, music, and graphical updates. These updates are relatively more simple. We’ve got those HP, prayer, and run energy orbs in the minimap, and today as I’m writing this, they made them toggle-able. There’s the rooftop agility arenas, which were player-made, incredibly enough. They also added a new slayer master and monster unique to RS07, along with a new area for said monster. As of right now, they’re working on a wilderness rebalancing, including bosses and dangers to add to the threat of player killing. All this makes the game different to the original. As though they’re branching off into their own thing and letting the game follow a different path. Can’t wait to see where it takes them.

And how. Party hats are 30k in this world, as the last Christmas event rewarded everyone who did it with two party hats of every kind, plus a couple untradable unique ones. Rares are no longer worth millions. Or even hundred thousands, for that matter. In a way, I suppose that’s good, as status is now determined by rare, obtainable items like Third Age and Saradomin runite. And I have my red party hat back now, so yay.

Also, there’s no Grand Exchange. To sell something, you need to go onto a busy world and shout it out to everyone who’s interested. Or find somebody calling out they want to buy this something. Or find it on the forums, then contact the guy in-game and discuss a price and meeting point. See, this makes trading more of a skill rather than throwing item onto exchange and wait for profit, though I will admit there are plenty of tactics in that too (otherwise there wouldn’t be merching). In RS07, it’s basically “buy 100 law runes for 200 each, and sell them one at a time for 1000+ when needed”.

Lastly, there’s word of some player-created content coming up in the future. It’s already seen the creation of the rooftop agility courses, which were player-designed. Isn’t that exciting? Who wouldn’t want their ideas bloomed to fruition in Runescape?

But as for preference, it’s only really half-and-half. I still play regular Runescape all the time (gotta open my daily chests and keep my ports updated, of course). Both are just as fun, and both keep me entertained. It’s why I play the game, after all.

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

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