Creeping into November

posted by on 4th November 2013, at 4:16pm

Hello everyone!

Everybody’s favorite staff member at RSBandB is back with another roundup for you live from the RSBandB Dungeon!

Starting off this month, Alex gives us his opinion on the outcome of the Dwarf questline with Birthright of the Dwarves, followed by Mason’s point of view on the proposed (and now defunct) prestige system, and JasonMRC finishes off the RuneScape articles with his analysis of the state of the economy in the game. Duke Juker’s gaming article this month concerns Valve’s foray into the living room with their Steam Box. Finally, and most importantly, our Dear Leader, Shane, has brought us yet another perfect and amazing article about the status of the HTML 5 beta. All hail Lord Shane, greatest of all men.

The October Skill of the Month was Crafting, and it was won by SoulLightning. Congratulations! Here is your trophy!

October 2013 SKOTM Trophy

Also worth mentioning is PoisonNova coming in second, Flash coming in third, and yours truly coming in fourth. Flash, you’re welcome. I was in a benevolent and giving mood <3.

You all should also watch the forums in the coming days for a new round of Informer applications. We are looking for at least one writer, so if you are at all interested in writing this is your chance to sign up! We don’t actually beat our writers, only our editors. Sadly, it is on this note that I must report that Zant has left Informer. We wish him well!

Well, our beloved despot, Shane, has ceased beating me, so I think I should run now.

Earth and the Informers

P.S. I’m not actually in a dungeon. It’s more of a basement, really.

P.P.S. No, that doesn’t have the implications you think it does.

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