Gusting into September

posted by on 5th September 2013, at 1:06am

Hello everyone!

Your favourite member of the Informer Staff and leader of the Pseudo-band Earth and the Informers is back!

We have a fantastic selection of articles for you this month, starting with an article discussing the “3 in RuneScape 3” from our very lovely site owner, Shane! The rather zany Zant reveals how to maximize your damage output, while the dazzling Duke Juker discusses the increasing amount of Downloadable Content coming out with games. Finally, we have not one, not two, but THREE articles discussing the public perception of the state of RuneScape! Now, that may sound a bit boring, because I asked Shane how one would describe all three of them together, but they really are a very good read. The awe-inspiring Alex and the manly Mason argue against the assertion that RuneScape is dying, while the jazzy JasonMRC asks if saying “RuneScape is Dying” is using the correct wording.

Go read ’em!

August’s Skill of the Month took an interesting turn, as the one and only 101duck1 took advantage of the then-first and second place people complacency and grabbed the victory by a narrow 3.6 million exp gap. I also must give an honourable mention to the furtive Flash, who sneaked up on the very last day and stole third place. Unfortunately, there isn’t a trophy for deception, Flash. Maybe next time!

August 2013 SKOTM Trophy

Well, unless Shane starts beating me again, I think I’m done here!

See y’all soon!


Earth and the Informers

P.S. No Earths were harmed in the making of this Roundup.

P.P.S. …permanently

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