June 2013: Return of the Earth

posted by on 2nd July 2013, at 1:21am

Hello, faithful followers of Earth and the Informers!

We have a dazzling selection of articles this month! First up, Alex 43 analyzes the future in his aptly named article, What’s Coming Next?, then Lord Rickles offers his commentary on the ever-increasing cosmetic items that Jagex offers. Next up, Duke Juker brings us balance with his article about balancing in video games. JasonMRC compares RuneScape with other games in his article, and then Shane discusses the various kinds of blocks in his article. Finally, Zant puts the changes brought by Evolution of Combat in his article. Also we invite you to take a look back to 2008 when the first set of Distractions and Diversions arrived, much of this advice is still valid today.

This past month also included the Mining Skill of the Month, which was BARELY won by Addiv, who gained 13 million exp, over half of the total exp for the month. Congratulations on your narrow victory, Addiv!

Congratulations as well to all other competitors, and good luck to everyone in the upcoming Dungeoneering SKOTM!

Lovingly yours,

Earth and the Informers!

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