Gusting out of August!

posted by on 2nd September 2012, at 11:36pm

Hello everyone!

I couldn’t think of a pun having to do with September, so I continued last month’s joke. Sorry 🙁

This month’s set of articles was started off by Duke Juker finishing up his Top Ten Games List. Brimmk gave us an article about five great games that won’t empty your wallet! Tim, Jason, and Alex covered our RuneScape topics this month including clothes, getting back to content updates,  and a discussion pertaining to whether holiday items should stay rare. Shane finished us off with his article about hacking and why it’s a good way to solve a problem.

Pyrnassius won the August Skill of the Month, beating out Krallox on the very last day with a total of 5,674,555 exp gained! Congratulations, Pyranassius, here is your trophy:



Earth and the Informers (we should go on tour)

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