Should holiday items stay rare?

posted by on 10th August 2012, at 11:18pm

Party Hats, Santa Hats, and Hallowe’en Masks are all items most people know to be related to wealth or having an old account. The Scythe and Rubber Chicken are also rare items and show the age of your account, but cannot be traded. The oldest holiday items that is non-tradable in my POH toy box is the Grim Reaper Hood from the 2007 Hallowe’en even though I remember being around for the skeleton set from the 2006 Hallowe’en event and the Wintumber Tree from the 2006 Christmas event. So I bring this article talking about some of the old event items and some of the new membership card items and if Jagex should do something like making available the option to get all of the holiday items during each event (like what Jagex already has with the holiday emotes) or if they should adopt a Team Fortress 2 style of naming by having every single holiday item and membership card item becoming “vintage” items and having some way to get all of the them, but having them labeled as normal items and not worth that much as anyone can get them, but I’ll go over that possibility in my article.

The holiday emotes aren’t something people think about when they are talking about how good and how bad the events were each year, but they are available to get even if you missed that specific holiday event by doing the holiday event the next year. I feel that at least the non tradable items should be available to get even if you missed the event they were handed out at. Something like Easter ring from the 2006 Easter event and the Hats and Scarves from the 2005 Christmas event are things that can’t be traded and are things that people want to have, but they can’t get it because their account wasn’t made at the time of the event or they were away and could not get the event done. If Jagex adopted the same policy that they use with emotes players could obtain non-tradable event items so they can fill up their toy box in their POH. Nothing would be harmed, the economy wouldn’t be affected like if they brought back the party hats and Christmas crackers from the 2001 Christmas event. There isn’t really anything that could go wrong. Seeing those grey slots in my toy box are really annoying when I know I can’t get those items, I wish there was a way to grey out the missed event items (along with being able to store my Queen’s guard and Dragon ceremonial armour in my house or at least making it only one slot in my bank) so it just shows the items I own. Now this is one of the options that I think Jagex could implement and be able to get all of the non-tradable items back out there and into the hands of the old players who want those items back have no way to get them.

Now the other way I mentioned above was something that Team Fortress 2 did when they brought The Mann-Conomy update in to Team Fortress 2 on September 30th 2010. After that update was patched into the game, everything that wasn’t strange or obtained from an achievement was made vintage and given a blue outline to it when you view it in your inventory and when trading it. These items are worth more than the same normal item. The same thing could happen with the RuneScape holiday items. One day every holiday item everyone has becomes vintage (could or could not include the party hats, Santa hats, etc) and there is a new way to obtain the missed holiday items (could be before a holiday event, or an event that brings you back in time to get them) and then everyone has their holiday items. Toy boxes are filled up and the economy shouldn’t change and then the people who are poor can get their party hats and Santa hats. I know I’ll be happy because I’ll be able to get my toy box filled up with the holiday items I missed. Now they could also do this with the membership card rewards (green skin, flaming skulls, giant katanas) as well and then make the current ones vintage. This would also enable the non membership card buying members to receive something similar to  what the membership card buyers are getting.

So there is my opinion of what what I think Jagex could do to give their loyal members the event items they missed while still keeping the already earned event items a meaning. This is all I have for now, think over what I said and tell em what you think in the comments, Tim Out!

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