Gusting out of July

posted by on 1st August 2012, at 4:37pm

Hi everyone!

Got another roundup for you all this month!

JasonC started us off this month with his article about training Slayer self-sufficiently using Farming and Herblore. Next up Tim gave us his personal views on the Combat Update, followed by Alex giving us his view of the Combat Update. Later, Duke Juker started off a series of articles about his Top Ten PC Games list and Asa discussed the downsides of required account creation. JasonMRC told us of his thoughts about how RuneScape reached 200 million players. Shane finished us off with his monthly tech article, this time about OS X Mountain Lion…and the future!

The Smithing Skill of the Month has ended, with Jbobman going from 37,373 exp all the way to 99! Congratulations! Here is your trophy:


Finally, everyone at Informer would like to wish their absolute favorite member of RSBandB, Earth, a happy 18th birthday! Happy birthday, Earth!



Earth and the rest of the Informer staff

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