Marching into the future

posted by on 4th April 2012, at 7:24pm

Hello everyone!

Alex wrote our first RuneScape article of the month, discussing the new graphical updates and reminiscing about the graphics of RuneScape classic and how different everything looks now. Tim, back from his hiatus, looked to this future this month in his thoughts for updates he believes Jagex will be releasing in the near future. Jason discussed the monotony of computer games and how to avoid games becoming monotonous. Duke reviewed Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, and Brimmk discussed gaming on Macs and how it has changed over the years. Shane gave us the usual tech article, discussing the future of our operating systems.

Marking22 won the March Skill of the Month competition with 4,388,406 EXP, over two times as much EXP as second place

Congratulations, Marking, here is your trophy!

Marking22 March 2012

Remember that you can always submit guest articles!

See y’all next month!


Earth, Shane, Kulla, and the rest of the Informer staff

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