Marching out of February

posted by on 2nd March 2012, at 5:22am

Howdy y’all!¬†It’s March, so that means another roundup!

…terrible jokes aside for now. The first article of the month was brought to us by Brimmk, which explored the realms of sandbox games. Next up, Shane has given us another lovely tutorial on programming, while Jason and Alex brought us the RuneScape articles of the month. Jason¬†talked about slayer pures, and his experiences with his own and Alex with a comparison of RuneScape Classic to RuneScape right now. Duke Juker finished us off with an article about gaming relating to movies!

Tim won the February Skill of the Month Competition with 5,700,191 experience , shooting up in the middle of the month to defeat Rodsay, who ended with 5,092,681 experience

Congratulations, Tim, here is your trophy!

Shane would also like to introduce you to a new RSBANDBUpdate! feature called Focus. You can listen to the first session included in episode 349. You can send him ideas for what you’d like to see on Focus by filling out this form.

Finally, we’re looking for informer writers! That means YOU! We are hiring for two additional RuneScape writers! Applications will run for the month of March. Full details of what’s needed can be found in the topic.

Bye, y’all!



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