New Member November

posted by on 3rd December 2011, at 3:52pm

Hi everyone! First piece of news is a new member of the Informer Staff… me! According to Shane, my official title is editor and professional slave to Shane and Kulla. What kind of slave I am and what I am professional in is still up for debate.

Tim started off the month with his article on what makes a motivating game. Brimmk followed this up with a piece on whether or not the amount people playing RuneScape drops when a new game comes out. Alex brought in yet another one of his wonderful analyses of how Jagex is spoiling the players of RuneScape, which is nicely complimented by Jason’s article analyzing the various homepages of different MMOs compared to RuneScape and each other. Shane brings in the most exciting article of the month with his article about software engineering in practice. Duke Juker ended the month with his review of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

Contestants in the November Skill of the Month for Thieving gained a total of 7,421,013 XP, with Priss taking the win with 2,262,160 XP over the course of the month!

There’s one final piece of news this month: our new Equipment and Max Hit Calculator. Using this calculator you can determine which equipment is best for whatever situation you’re facing in game. You can even save equipment loadouts to share with your friends! A big thanks goes out to Mike and the Content Crew for producing such a fine tool.

See you next month!

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