It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! (Part 10)

posted by on 27th October 2011, at 2:33pm

Hello everyone, I’m back this month to finish off the Dungeoneering Time!!! series. This article is either going to turn out incredibly long, or somehow get all 6 bosses I’m going to talk about this article into a normal sized article. Blink, Warped Gulega, Dreadnaut, Hope Devourer, World-gorger Shukarhazh, and finally Kal’ger the Warmonger. The first boss I’m going to talk about this article is going to be Blink, one of the easier bosses to fight.

When you first encounter Blink, you’re going to see is nothing. Blink is like those Scooby doo cartoons, where Scooby and Shaggy are running from a monster through a lot of different doors and switch between different doors in a hallway. The objective of stopping blink is to raise one of the pillars in the room and make Blink run into it. Having Blink run into one of the pillars will stun him and allow you to attack him. The hardest part of the whole battle is just stopping blink. Having your team mates at the different corners to raise the pillars is the best way to get him killed. If you don’t stop him, you’ll incur some painful magic damage that you can’t defend against, unless you’re hiding behind a pillar or you’re outside of the room when Blink runs by. Once you have stopped Blink, using a prayer Soul Split is recommended because Blink’s attacks aren’t that powerful. Blink does have a hard hitting special when he says “Kapow!” so quickly get out of the room or hide behind one of the pillars so you don’t get hurt. It can be deflected back, using vengeance on yourself is recommended. Use melee to fight and you should be good. Once you have killed Blink you get a Longsword, which could be something you might want to bind. It’s no Battleaxe, 2H or spear, but it is a good alternate if you somehow can’t get it as a drop versus the other bosses.

Next up is Warped Gulega, which is one of the harder Warped floor bosses. Warped Gulega has 4 attacks that it can inflict onto you. The first attack has no warning as to when it will happen. It is a melee attack where a tentacle will come out of the ground. You will be praying Magic during the battle so it is alright to not change if you see the attack. The second attack is a glowing ball that does magic damage. It can be blocked with protect from magic so you should be fine with it. If you don’t have protect from magic you could get a lot of damage done to you because it is a very hard hitting attack. The next attack is one that you might want to switch prayer for because it’s a hard hitting ranged attack (almost the same thing as the attack I mention above). A brown bolt that looks like soul split but doesn’t heal the Warped Gulega comes at you and deals ranged damage. You can vengeance back the damage so it might be worth not switching prayers. The last attack of the Warped Gulega is an attack similar to one of Nomad’s attack where you get reduced to 1 Life Point no matter what! You will know this attack is coming by seeing 4 tentacles in the shape of a box coming towards you. You can easily get out of the way of this attack but if you don’t this attack is one you should hope you’re full health and have vengeance because you can hit 700+ back in damage. Familiars are really useful fighting this boss because the Warped Gulega will actually target your familiars. Slash attacks are also really useful in this boss fight. Once you kill the Warped Gulega, you will get a mage robe top, which might be something you want, but it’s really a third or fourth bind.

From now on I’m going to talk less in depth about these bosses for a couple of reasons, the big one being because of the high Dungeoneering level you need. I expect that a good chunk of the readers of this article when it is first published are going to have the Dungeoneering level to fight them.

Because Dreadnaut and Hope Devourer’s strategies are so similar, I’m going to clump them together. One person can easily take them out by just kiting the boss around the room. Hope Devourer might be a little harder just because of how big he is but they can both be kited around while you cast some kind of magic spell on them. My personal preference is Fire surge. Dreadnaut spawns some orange puddles that do damage if you stand on them, but because you’ll be running around the whole time it’s just an orange puddle. Hope Devourer is a little more dangerous but also a little easier. He will target one player at random and follow him around, so as long as you know who is being attacked, you can kite the Hope Devourer around while your friends are firing at him if you all kill him at one. If not then just kite him around and fire your spell when you feel safe. Entangle runes might be something you want to bring to both bosses. Dreadnaut and Hope Devourer drop Platebodies and Leather bodies respectfully. The platebody might be something you want to bind as our third bind (or second if you can’t find a shadow silk hood).

World-gorger Shukarhazh is the second last Dungeoneering boss and is encountered at level 107 Dungeoneering. This boss has three different attacks. The first is a melee attack that isn’t normally seen if your whole team is in the boss room. It spins and hits yourself and your teammates with its tail. The second attack is magic based, where the boss will spin a couple of times before firing a white attack at the targeted member. The last attack is a reddish black orb fired from one of the three (Famished Melee, Famished Range and Famished Mage) eyes in the room. The way to kill this boss is to attack the eyes until they close (the eyes don’t follow the combat triangle but each eye is weak to what the eye is labelled) so that you can lift the damage cap, which starts at 50 with all eyes open, 150 with two eyes open and the damage cap removed with two eyes closed. Now while closing the eyes removes the damage cap, it comes with a consequence. Whatever eyes you close raises World-gorger’s resistance to that combat style, so bring all three kinds of combat when you go and fight. When you fight the boss, you’re going to want to hope that they have high tiered bows and surgeboxes because it will greatly increase the speed that you kill World-gorger Shukarhazh. If you need to melee use a crush attack style, it seems to do a little more damage. Once you have killed the boss you get a spear, which is something I would recommend binding. And don’t worry, you can poison the spear after you have bound the spear.

And here we are, the last boss you can find once you get 113 Dungeoneering. Kal’ger the Warmonger, while having the highest Dungeoneering level to fight, is an alright opponent. I’m going to talk about fighting this boss as if you were soloing him. It is possible to just kill him via Melee by just going in between the two sides; you just need to watch out for the things he says. He starts off just attacking you so just go on attacking, using soul split to heal and the food you bring in your inventory. He will eventually grab a Primal Longsword and start attacking you with it. If you want to pray you can but you can easily stay alive with food and soul split. After some more damage he will fly over and now is where a decision comes. You can either stay on your current side and use a ranged weapon to attack (Hexhunter recommended) or you can go into the warped sprite and teleport to the other side and continue to use melee to attack. After some more damage Kal’ger will come back to the first side he started on and attack you with a primal 2H. You might want to use protect from melee or deflect from melee, but no damage will be deflected back. After some more damage once again Kal’ger will fly to the other side and grab and Sagittarian shortbow and use that to try to kill you. It’s recommended to use the magic orb to get over there to use melee to attack. Once you think all the flying was done he will fly over one more time and grab a primal maul, and use melee for the rest of the battle. It should also be noted that he heals a little here. Once you go back over you will just fight. He will say “Your god can’t help you now!” and copy your prayer if it’s stat boosting. Now while you can’t possibly imagine Kal’ger getting harder, he gets harder. Every time you block any of his attacks, he gets a little annoyed, so using a protection prayer is not recommended here because it can have some serious consequences (having your prayer deactivated and hitting you for an incredibly high amount). Once you defeat Kal’ger, teleport out because he will fall and execute an attack similar to Retribution by having an AoE attack. It will deal damage close to your current lift points. Now while the battle may have been annoying, you can possible get one of the best weapons you can get down in Daemonhiem, the Primal 2H which I absolutly recommend binding.

That’s it. The Dungeoneering Time!!! Series is done. If any new bosses come out I’ll get an article about them out. I hoped you like the series and I hope it helps you quickly get those Bosses killed. This is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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