It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! (Part 8)

posted by on 16th August 2011, at 2:28pm

Hello everyone, I’m back with another article about the Dungeoneering Bosses. The bosses I’m going to cover this month are a little tough, but if you have the right equipment for the battles, you should be just fine.

The Skeletal Trio, three bosses in one room. Three different attack styles you need to deal with in order to come out of the battle on top. This battle, from how I’ve beat them; can be done in one of two ways. You can either kill the mage first, or the archer first. The warrior is killed last, or by one or two of your team mates while the rest of your team kills the mage and archer. Now this would seem like a simple match, just using the combat circle to take out each one systematically, but no. They will switch protection prayers so you need to either switch between the three bosses, or bring along two different combat styles in order to always be attacking one of the bosses. Entangle runes would be a really smart option to bring along for the warrior, so you can make sure it doesn’t get any absurdly high hits on you while you are fighting the archer or the mage. A hexhunter bow is useful for taking out the mage, any take of combat spell will take out the warrior really fast, and like normal, Melee takes out the Archer. The Skeletal Trio drop a shortbow with 125 of the same tier ammunition, so it might be worth it if you’re a ranger.

A couple of bosses use protection prayers and the next boss, the Runebound Behemoth, is one of those bosses. You can think of the Runebound Behemoth as the Bulwark Beast, but with a totally different style in how you should kill him. Some of the things you should know about right now is that you need to activate pillars in the room to remove the Runebound’s protection prayers, and if you somehow get under him, RUN!! or else you will be crushed some huge amounts of damage. This boss is simple to fight in the fact that you can use all three attack styles to kill him. He is weak to stab so when you activate the melee pillar, use a weapon with the stab attack style. Other that just activate the pillars and attack with the attack style you take down. The Runebound Behemoth drops robe bottoms when you kill him, this reward isn’t really worth it.

Gravecreeper, the boss with the same name as the tier 10 Dungeoneering tree, is the last boss I’m going to be talking about this article. This boss is weak to slash attacks, along with fire spells, but does a lot of damage with his special attacks. Protect from ranged will help dampen some damage that you take, but there is no way for you to not take any damage, so make sure you bring some good healing food (I would recommend Blue Crabs, along with some vengeance runes). One of his special attacks is activated when he yells “Buuurrnnnn!” and a 3×3 square of purple liquid will form. This will damage you, along with disabling your prayer for a little while. This is something you want to dodge but it will only last for a few seconds, you can quickly get back to fighting. Now you may think this is a dangerous special, Gravecreepers other special is even worse. Whenever you see “Burrrrrry”, “Digggggg”, or “Brrainnns” you are going to want to get the *bleep* out of there, unless you spend some prayer points and cleanse some tombs so that the dreaded purple liquid doesn’t fill the room. You’re going to want to vacate the room if you don’t cleanse any of the tombs and just wait for the purple liquid to leave. Once you kill Gravecreeper, you’ll get what I think is the best piece of armour for Dungeoneering, a Chianbody. You might ask why, well because it has good crush defence, and you can easily make some platelegs to get the stab and slash defences back up. It also doesn’t have any negative ranged attack so you can use it as good ranged armour if you need the strong defence from melee and ranged attacks.

Part 8 is now done. Next article is going to talk about the last four bosses you can encounter on the Occult.

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