It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! (Part 7)

posted by on 27th July 2011, at 12:27am

Hello everyone, I’m back with another Dungeoneering article after last month’s gaming article. This time I’m going to talk about the last three bosses that you could get on the Furnished floors. These bosses are simple to master, as long as you know when to run.

Lexicus Runewright has to be very smart. His room is filled with books, some of them are even magically infused to attack you with melee, ranged, magic, and even explode. If you’re not 39 Dungeoneering you don’t need to worry about meeting up with him, but if you are, be ready to fun when he says “Book Barrage.” He attacks with magic from far away, melee close up and will deflect 1/3 of any melee damage you do to him, so ranging him is advised. He is a simple boss. Range him while protecting from magic is the fastest way to kill him. When he says “Almanac Army, attack!” some books will be summoned to attack you, but they don’t do that much damage, a familiar would be useful to take them on. “Book Barrage!” means run, and I mean run because some books will come and deal up to 200 damage to you, and a couple of books come do you could see an instant death to them. Lexicus rewards the players who kill him with a magic hood, so keep it if you want. Personally, I wouldn’t because something like a shadow silk hood or some other kind of armour is more useful.

Sagittare, the Robin hood of Dungeoneering. He is in a normal sized room, with only one path to the middle of the room. He uses arrows imbued with magical properties to attack you, and has a special that hurts and stuns/immobilizes you, and then teleports away. He will always have protect from ranged on, so using melee or ranged are going to be the only ways to hurt him. Praying magic while fighting him will make sure you don’t take too much damage, but make you sure have good melee armour to not take such high hits from Sagittare. He has 3 stages of how he teleports around. He will start on the outside ring. Once he takes 1/5 of his health, he will teleport away from you. Sagittare will be teleporting around the room, staying on the outside, then going into the middle ring, then finally going into the center. You should be able to kill him by the time you get into the middle of the room, but it depends if you get some extra hits while Sagittare is teleporting around. Once you defeat Sagittare, you will get some tier of longbow with the corresponding arrows. If you are a ranger this boss is one you will want. The longbow useful if you can’t get a Hexhunter bow so use it until you can get one.

Night-gazer Khighorahk is one of the few bosses in which I can’t say part of their name. Night-gazer (which is what I am going to be calling it during this article from here out) is also one of the few bosses with two forms that you fight (Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk is another one I can think of off the top of my head). This boss is actually really simple to kill. Keep the pillars of light lit (a tinderbox is not needed) then attack. The more pillars of light that are lit, the more damage you will do to Night-gazer. Ranging him will make little damage come to you (while you are praying protect from magic) but if you go for the faster melee kill, use stab and be ready to move back a couple of spaces. He has a special that does a lot of damage and pushes you back when he crouches down and has a blue bubble appear around him. It is an easy thing to dodge, but make sure you are ready to run. Once you kill him, all of the pillars of light will stay lit from there on out. He will have a lower combat and will be able to move around, but I’ve only seen that once. Once you have killed the second Night-gazer, you will be treated to some tier of plateskirt, which I would pass on. While they have good crush defence, things like a hexhunter bow, shadow silk hood, or another melee weapon might be more useful, but if you need a good second bind, this might be something you should look for.

This is all I have for part 7. Next article is going to talk about the first three bosses you can encounter on the Occult floors! I hope you enjoyed the article; this is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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